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LKN has few more view points to share especially on the IR V or the Industrial Revolution V gradually as we move forward. IR V will conceptualise close to a decade from now into reality so we have time and we are in no hurry.

A Quick Snapshot of our Success is as below:

A Wonderful Year of Sharing Perspectives – LKN

High Velocity IT or HVIT

Getting into Details

High Velocity IT

High Velocity IT Enabled Agility in an Organisation is what I set the Context in my previous blog, There are many questions out there I will cover the details in the entirety of my thought process in this Blog. 

The Entire Concept of IT has been to use it for its fastness and processing speeds to enable faster delivery of anything and everything in an organisation. As we proceed the needs and the expectations are increasing and with the commencement of use of Emerging Technologies the responses expected are faster, on time and error free.

High Velocity IT

Enabling a Digital Organisation is the Task for High Velocity IT, To elaborate more its all about IT being the Backbone of Every Decision within an Organisation – Be is Operational, Tactical or Strategical and Yes the Pace should be Faster, Error Free and On Time.

High Velocity

Now Apply this to everywhere in an Organisation:

  1. Hiring the Right Candidate
  2. Making that Fast Decision on an Acquisition or a Partnership
  3. Making that decision of a Design Deliverable
  4. Making that decision on the Production Levels
  5. Making a Decision on an Investment
  6. Hiring the Right Service Provider
  7. Checking the Quality Levels of a Product
  8. Investing on a Possible Prototype
  9. Approaching the possible investors
  10. Decision on the New Feature or Model Release
  11. Decision on Expansion
  12. Decision on Starting a New Division or Stepping into a New Business
  13. Investing on a New Technology
  14. Analysing the Risks – All Operational, Tactical and Strategical
  15. Auto Cascade of Scope of Control and Operational Objectives

And Much more

Now Envision what IT and Emerging Technologies can contribute to this also analyse where we are headed – Not even close right?

There is lot of Data to be collected for all of the above, We have it available but we aren’t headed in the right direction. Also the technologies what we have enables the processing of this but not one product to enable this currently. In addition to this there is no control on the quality of data that is being sourced.

The above Examples are at the Level 5 of LKN’s Maturity Model posted in one of the Last Blogs. 

High Velocity IT enables this and to start with we at least need to take the Baby Steps. 

Few Use Cases for Baby Steps:

  1. Start automating Operational Decisions as small as Managers Approvals on Requests – These Decisions have a logic and can be embedded into workflows. 
  2. Start simplifying feedback and experience responses and use AI Ops to Analyse them. 
  3. Start automating Standard Changes in IT – 100% Automation – Includes Instance Management, Disk Space Management, License Management, CPU Management, Storage Management, Access and User Account Management, Server Management, CMDB Management, Vulnerability and Risk Management
  4. Enable Resilient IT by Automating Auto Resolutions – Server Issues, Application issues, Connectivity Issues – Start with Basics. If you don’t trust the providers and due to hackers build in-house – Remember the Chaos Monkey? Netflix did it, Anyone can
  5. Start using Github for Every Development, Enable Contributions to Github, Use DevOps for Platform and Version Maintenance
  6. Start Innovating, No Matter How small, Build that Culture
  7. Make that Billing Process Fully Automated and Error Free
  8. Make that Governance Process Automated, Cascade the Objectives Automatically, Monitor them Automatically using AI Ops
  9. Use that Chatbots to cater to Frequent Customer Interactions, Use the AI Ops for Analysis and Make that Analysis generate different views as needed to cater to different levels
  10. Enable that Auto Compliance Management
  11. Create the Transparency across the End-to-End aspect of delivery with Customers using all emerging technologies
High Velocity

You know what, its not the Complexity or the Risks that’s a threat for this process or enablement. Its the Ethical Behaviour needed which is lacking. Leaders understand IR V or Industrial Revolution V needs Immense Transparency and Most Ethical Practices – That’s were the Bottleneck is. If you fix that everything falls in place.

Imagine the Twitter Deal doesn’t need so much of Time, Its the Ethical Behaviour that’s in Question which is delaying the Deal, There are loads of examples such as this. 

With this I end this blog, 

The Question is on the Ethical Behaviour of Organisations and Leaders, 

How transparent can they be? 

How Ethical are they at the grassroots level?


Agility – The Holistic View

Introduction to Basics


Agility – The ability to respond and act faster! The Next Big Thing and its not limited to Agile in IT/Development alone. At a Bigger Holistic View Agility is all about faster responses to anything and everything. Lets start with my journey to set the context and the thought process by starting with the journey of ITIL. 

ITIL initially started as a Procedure for Mainframe Maintenance, The Amount of Restructuring put into it is immense from where it is now. I would also state that the Current ITIL4 is incomplete. While there is lot to fascinate at the Journey of ITIL we should also look at Agile, it all started as a Programming or Developers practices but then no one picked it up to align to the bigger requirements. Even today the Agile Practices remain almost limited to IT and Development aspects when the requirement for Agile is to Grow up, Increase the Scope and Cater to the needs of Agility across an Organisation. 

Business Agility

Why do we need Agility in Organisations

The Upcoming Revolution is more Volatile and Fast Phased, While we have New Technologies coming in – No one is daring to Use it. While Agile supports the thought process of Fail Fast, Are the Leaders ready to Fail Fast by Adapting the New Technologies? Not yet, right!

LKN did mention Agility and Faster Response is one of the Important Trait for Organisations in Industrial Revolution V or IR V as coined by LKN.

We would be heading to a New Industrial Revolution which needs Faster Responses to every decision, be is Operational or Tactical or Strategical else these organisations would loose out to its competitors. The Only Possibility to enable Faster Responses is to use IT to enable faster responses and the Emerging Technologies plays a Critical Role be it AI, AI Ops, Automation, RPA and Others; Each on of these contributes a lot to Enable the Digital Organisation of Future.

Do we have one Organisation currently whom we can see stepping towards to be tagged as a Digital Organisation who makes Strategical Decisions enabled by IT? Food for thought right? We are lagging behind! Yes For Sure.

Although Microsoft’s DeepCoder was called for Stealing Codes, We Openly do it in GitHub! Imagine a Huge Amount of Reusable Code enabling AI to right Programs, or Even a Non IT Example of AI providing all Decision Pointers to enable Strategic Decisions, From Finalising an Acquisition, Finalising a Partnership to Even contributing to Revenue Based Decisions or Even Production related Decisions! This does need IT inclusive of Emerging Technologies as a Back Bone! Isn’t it? 

Are we there yet?

What to we need to be there?

How close are we?

I would laugh out loud! Not even one organisation is close or working towards enabling this and here is why I say that:

Agility only in IT is of no use! Agility should be in all facets of the organisation, IT is just one part of it. We need to enable and infuse IT in all functions. Be it making the right Hire for an Organisation or Be it enabling the right information for different scenarios or Be it enabling the availability of information to make all operational or tactical or strategical decisions – We don’t even know what data we need and what views we need at this point. We are at the very beginning and the Change required to be performed is scary for the leaders at this time!

I envision Huge Profitable Organisations to Operate with 4/5 Flat Hierarchical Employees who use reusable products and codes as an Output of Industrial Revolution V or IR V and Enabling this needs Leaders who aren’t scared to make the right ethical decisions and enabling the safety culture throughout the organisation.

ITIL4 has come a long way, but the entirety of it is still questionable to enable this, but does Agile cater to this no way for sure at this time. We still have Agile Coaches Questioning the Content of Agile for IT and Developers instead of contributing to the Bigger Agility Part of the Organisation.

Business Agility

So to get back to my Initial Thought Process of Educating ITIL4 Professionals on High Velocity IT, I wanted to set the Context so High Velocity IT is all about enabling Industrial Revolution V or IR V as coined by Lokesh Kumar Narayana or LKN where IT plays a major role not only within IT but being a backbone for the entire organisation facilitating all decisions operational, tactical and strategical thereby enabling faster responses to all kind of scenarios and making the organisations work and respond faster. 

Basically High Velocity IT enables the Agility across the Organisation and for sure Emerging Technologies plays a Critical Role in it.

I only see Axelos/PeopleCert or ServiceNow close enough and in the right direction in enabling the Industrial Revolution V or IR V at this time. 

The Much Needed Change!

How to Enable High Velocity IT

Agility, High Velocity IT and LKN’s Maturity Model (A Free Give Away)

High Velocity IT! We have been seeing a lot of hype and talks and less action on High Velocity IT in ITIL4. There are so many talks about Digital Transformations, Automation and Fast Phased Delivery but are we on track with out actions? Are we inline with the talks? Are we actually Automating? Are we actually moving fast? Are we agile?

We have heard so many talks about the High Velocity Implementations and the Digital Transformation, Let me explain how ServiceNow as a Trigger can automate the most routine activities in managing IT day in and day out.

The Much Needed Change!

Activities that can be automated inline with High Velocity IT

Patch Management

Patch Management has always been a routine activity resulting in errors and tedious routine tasks, however this is much needed the maintain the sanity of the IT Systems

List Of The Best Patch Management Tools

Check out the Top Patch Management Tools that are available in the market.

  1. NinjaOne Patch Management (Formerly NinjaRMM)
  2. Atera
  3. SolarWinds Patch Manager
  4. Syxsense
  5. Microsoft SCCM
  6. GFI LanGuard
  7. ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus
  8. Kaseya
  9. SysAid
  10. Itarian
  11. Automox
  12. PDQ Deploy
  13. Pulseway
The Much Needed Change!

Enterprise Storage Management

Disk Management has been a sanity check routine activity to ensure the storage doesn’t cause a concern to the services, The amount of information being passed on, stored and reused is very huge at a enterprise level and the need to store and reuse the information is immense.

Here is our list of the best storage management and monitoring tools:

  1. IntelliMagic Vision for SAN – FREE TRIAL: A monitoring system and capacity management tool for SAN servers. This is on-premises software that runs on top of a hypervisor.
  2. SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor – FREE TRIAL: Tracks the performance of storage disks and devices that come from a long list of providers. Installs on Windows Server.
  3. Paessler PRTG – FREE TRIAL: A collection of system monitoring tools that includes a specialised monitor for SAN systems. Installs on Windows Server.
  4. Nagios An infrastructure monitor that covers networks, servers, and applications and includes routines for tracking storage system performance.
  5. SevOne A network monitoring system that includes procedures to monitor storage services. Runs on top of a hypervisor.
  6. AppDynamics A cloud-based infrastructure monitoring platform that covers all types of servers, including those used for storage.
  7. ManageEngine OpManager A monitoring system for networks and servers that includes special routines for supervising storage servers. Available for Windows Server and Linux.
  8. PowerAdmin Storage Monitor A monitoring package that covers network equipment, servers, and storage devices. Runs on Windows.
  9. EG Enterprise A cloud-based monitor for IT infrastructure that includes storage device monitoring.
The Much Needed Change!

Platform and Instance Management

All Cloud Platforms inclusive of SaaS, PaaS, Storage, Database, Virtual Servers and spaces and much more has an exhaustive list of controls embedded in to the Admin Console to Manage the Instances and has additional controls, however these aren’t automated rather needs a human intervention to make these changes as needed to the configurations. These controls also help us manage the Deployments of Patches across these platforms and enterprise cloud applications. Examples are: Oracle, VMWare, Azure, AWS, ServiceNow and much more

Server and Network Node Reboots

Servers and Network nodes needs to rebooted post patching or even during issues, these are still manually done in most of the circumstances even for today. All though network components have remote reboot and consoles to manage and maintain them it still needs human intervention as of today and no automation tools exists for these at the moment. Python scripts customised to specific environments are a solution for these and serves well for limited use cases at the moment and has to be implemented with additional care.

Change Enablement and Standard Changes – The Process

All though all the above changes are done separately any changes to them still needs a Change Request, CAB or an E-CAB Approval along with Human Intervention to take care of the activities. These are usually done in a tool similar to ServiceNow. Usually for Maintenance Activities a Routine and Recurring Standard Change is raised and kept as a placeholder which doesn’t need the CAB or E-CAB Approvals each time rather these routine activity is classified as a Standard Change and is managed as a low priority and low risk activity across enterprises.

While the Server and Network Node Reboots still needs the CAB and E-CAB Approvals and still a human intervention is seen across the enterprise IT management.

The Regulations and Compliance 

There are Multiple ISO Standards, Legal and Region based Regulations to Comply too and the Governance, Audit and the Manual Checks are a tedious routine task which involves a lot of coordination and collection of evidences. Currently there are multiple tools across organisations and there is no single source of truth available. These leads to huge man hours being spent on these activities along with delay or increased utilisation of man hours.

The Much Needed Change!

Proposed Solution inline with High Velocity IT:

ServiceNow – As The Trigger and Single Source of Truth

ServiceNow is emerging as One Tool for Various Use Cases, Industries and Domains along with facilitating interaction with external systems through integrations along with the IntegrationHub.

ServiceNow is the right tool to act as Single Source of Truth and can be integrated with almost all the tools mentioned above. Also ServiceNow can trigger specific activities in the external systems via the integrations with the use of embedded workflows. This makes it the right application to be the Single Source of Truth as all records can still be saved in ServiceNow along with the Updates, Statuses and Results for Audits and Governance Activities simplifying the Audit Purpose.

The Standard Change can be enabled as a Service Catalogue and made available to specific users to raise change requests for Routine Recurring Maintenance Activities, The Standard Change can trigger the change in the external systems via the workflow and the integration calling the respective API without any human intervention along with logging the results. ServiceNow also has the ability to call out exceptions or failed activities by automatically creating a Major Incident along with triggering notifications and opening the bridge on its own with the help of inbuilt WorkFlows.

Even the Event Monitoring Tool with in ServiceNow can trigger Major Incident Creation and Open a Bridge along with the Workflows enabling auto resolution in case of the Known Resolution such as Server or Node Reboots are embedded in the Workflow and an External Python Script is linked to it.

On the Whole ServiceNow can play the Role of Single Source of Truth by trigger the automations, collect the results, reporting exceptions via Incidents and also opening a Bridge for Major Incidents; also all these activities are logged along with timestamps which acts as a single source of truth; which intern simplifies the entire audit process.

All these at No Human Intervention can be achieved.

The Cherry on the Cake is the DevOps CI/CD – Currently GitHub is used in integration with ServiceNow to enable Continuous Development and Continuous Integration. Imagine DeepCoder stepping in as early as possible from MicroSoft, Even coding gets automated and the entire DevOps CI/CD will be completely automated.

These are Solely thought by Lokesh Kumar Narayana inline with the Maturity Model that I was designing for the Industrial Revolution V / IR V however I don’t have the funds or the resources needed to collaborate and take this forward.

These are inline with the Final Maturity that can be achieved in the New Model that I had put across. Again Remember its the Final Maturity so you can still take the baby steps, You as an Enterprise already have the other tools along with ServiceNow.

You just need a good implementation Partner and an Excellent understanding of the Systems you have in place.

All the best.

Free Give Away – LKN’s Maturity Model


I give up on taking this forward, I don’t have the funds or the backing to complete this, its very expensive and I can’t afford to make it happen all by alone.

The Model is solely created by LKN / Lokesh Kumar Narayana with the experience and the exposure I have got so far from the Professional Life, No Organisation or Any funding has been contributed to this model and LKN does have all the rights and does deserve the credit even if used in any form.

Office Politics

A Old Normal

We all have been subject to Office Politics in a way or the other; may be impacted negatively by it or subjected to immense growth from it. All though it has been there for a long now and is something which we can’t get ride off for a long time now. It does make sense to venture smoothly and steadily along with it.  

Office Politics

I was recently introduced to Niven Postma, A well established author and a professor. I did read one of her published articles in HBR and was immensely impressed on the thought process and was also inspired by the story shared in the article.

The Article:

As I explored more on Niven’s article I came across the book titled “If you don’t do politics, politics will do you”; I spent almost a week only on this phrase what it may mean to me and how relevant this phrase is to everyone. As I explored more I came across one more article from Niven, Here is the link:


The Reasons for Office Politics

We all are humans, we want to grow, we want to scale up, we all want higher financial pay, we all want higher designations, we all want better work, we all want better respect… Our wants are always scaling up up and more up. Who doesn’t want right.

My Personal Experiences with Office  Politics

I first had an impact because of Office Politics in 2010 where I lost an opportunity to grow to the next level, My Lead influenced me to back out from the opportunity as there was something better coming up for me. I didn’t validate the suggestion and backed out. Later Learnt that he was in favour of another individual.

Second Impact was in 2012, I lost an opportunity because I didn’t vouch myself as a candidate for the next level thinking my work would speak. Learnt that I missed out the opportunity for a less skilled and experienced person just because I didn’t show the interest in the position.

Third Impact was in 2014, I lost an opportunity where I was the Best Fit because again I didn’t vouch as I considered the management will take the wise decision. I was moved to a different team and had to quit due to the psychological stress later learnt that the influence continued to prove that I quit because I wanted Onsite (Who doesn’t, But that wasn’t my intent I was fighting with many other things internally then)

Fourth Impact was in 2021, This was unique as the Management wanted me to step up and lead as soon as I joined without announcing it to the team, This was a very short and had to quit because I didn’t have the power to wield the stick nor was the management interested to make things straight along with other unethical practices. This engagement was a lot disrespectful and I feel its good I did move on. There might have been other views and perspectives and also informations that I am not aware of even now.

Influencing the Outcomes

Now when I turn back and connect the dots with Niven’s Second Article, I have a different perspective all together.

In all 4 situations above and also at the current aspect, I do see few things inline with the article which made me loose:

  1. First Hand Information
  2. Connections and Relationships
  3. Ability to Influence
  4. Clear Visibility to the situation 

We all are the same individuals especially being born and brought up in India and having an understanding of how things imply to Leaders at the Government and the things we see them doing for the Chair and associating the word politics with it; we tend to have a negative opinion on the word “Politics”. 

Same has been with me, all though we explore a set of human chains in growths across companies we see. We tend to consider that they are favours done and what not what is based on the “Deserving” part. While this may be true or not but having the above 4 pointers on your side will make you win for sure. In all the 4 situations and the current one, I see that when you have the first hand information of what’s going to happen puts you in a better place to influence and how do you influence – by having the right connections and relationships and so does the connections and the relationships that gets you the information also the same connections gets influenced by you to make things happen for you. 

There is lot more effort to be put in to grow and maintain your connections and relationships at work which would certainly contribute to your growth based on how you use it.


Irrespective of the skills, experiences and the different strong work aspects you bring to the table, you may certainly loose on opportunities if you don’t use your relationships and connections at the right time and in the right way.

Unethical practices are still there and is pretty common in India, however you would certainly know what’s wise in your state or the situation.

Excited to Read the Book from Niven and also its a reminder to set recurring meetings and connect with my folks at work too! 

Make Sure its Healthy for Everyone!

Remember, Healthy Politics is the Key for the Entire Team to Grow and No One’s left behind!

Anger, Disappointment, Dissatisfactions, Helplessness and the Jealousy – A Psychological Musing by LKN

When we look deeply at anger, disappointment, helplessness or even jealousy; the problem isn’t someone else!


It’s we ourselves!

The point is all this happens only because of our shortcomings or over expectations!

The limitations and the disappointments or the dissatisfactions arise because of not achieving the desired results or the desired outcomes and these desires be in any form is an expectation from self – Be it the most alluring designation or the salary or an outcome – These feelings arise because we were short to deliver something to ourselves!


Even when we are dependent on others for outcomes and the disappointment or the dissatisfaction arises it’s because we were short of influencing the person to get the desired outcomes!


Be that childhood rejections of love is because we in some way failed to impress in the right way for that specific person!


So basically the cause of our every negative feeling is the self, basically we were short of something at that walk of life!

However when we look at the bigger picture, we are always short of a thing or the other in our lives.

People who are leaders know how to manage the shortcomings or they act otherwise in a better way and that’s were the talks about “Self Awareness” comes in to picture!


The more better we know ourselves, the better our expectations from self will be and that also channels and influences the desired results.

Also another perspective is our desired results keeps changing, as a kid I used to love the cone ice creams that my dad used to buy me as I grew up my desire of ice creams changed to a huge bucket comparably!

We all evolve and there isn’t negative thing about desiring more, unless you know how to manage the disappointment, dissatisfactions, anger and jealousy. The moment you can’t manage these they multiply so much so that every aspect of life starts getting impacted!

The self awareness is the key to success isn’t overrated, it helps you manage yourself in a better way so that you either know how to reach the desired outcomes or you know how to limit yourself with grace! Mastering self awareness is difficult and it takes a lot of time!

Self Awareness! The Partial Key!

The key is to be brutally true to the inner self!

Now, The questions I ask the self is:

Brutally True to the Inner Self? Is this possible?
Limiting ourself with Grace? Is this possible?
Reach all desired outcomes? Is this possible?

And the Answers that come to my mind are:

It’s 100% possible and attainable only by Gods!
We as humans somewhere sometime loose the calmness of mind and yes this happens frequently as well! 😀

That’s were these feelings and actions are closely related to being human!

Shortcomings – An inseparable trait of any Human!

The only thing practically attainable and that we need to master is walking with grace with all these uncertain logical and psychological complications! That’s an impossible task to attain as well!


Introduction to “Industrial Revolution V” or “IR V”

An Introduction to the Concept of Industrial Revolution V or IR V coined by “LKN”

I am Lokesh Kumar Narayana (LKN). I have been envisioning what the Next Industrial Revolution will shape up to. As I proceeded further, I decided to capture my thoughts and convert them to books. I published my first book, “The Odyssey of Industrial Revolution – The Dawn,” and many times pointed out that I would be covering the significant aspects of Industry 5.0 in the upcoming book I am researching on “The Odyssey of Industrial Revolution – The Dusk.”

I have started my research, and it’s ongoing for the Second Book, which is in progress, and I am excited to inform you all that it’s shaping out well.

An individual brought to my notice that he used Industry 5.0 as a term about something specific part of Sustainability and Waste Management; Though I want to disregard his statements as Industry 5.0 is more of a general term and has been inevitably planned from the time Industry 1.0. I don’t want to involve in trouble. I do agree that the Next Industrial Revolution will result in Industry 5.0 or Fifth Industrial Revolution or 5IR or Next-Gen Industry or Next Generation Industry whatsoever it would undoubtedly be a by-product of the Next Industrial Revolution. It will have different traits like how the previous industrial revolutions were.

All Said and done, I don’t want to dwell on seeking unwanted attention leading to problems in the future. Hence, I decided to present the highlights of the ongoing research that I am conducting in line with the Second Book. I am planning to publish along with that I would like to highlight here in this the Term I will be using to refer to the By-Product of the Next Industrial Revolution will be “Industrial Revolution V” or “IR V” where V signifies to the Roman Numerical although the reference is same as the Industry 5.0 or Fifth Industrial Revolution or 5IR or Next-Gen Industry or Next Generation Industry; I would be using the term coined by me “Industrial Revolution V” or “IR V” for the sole purpose of ensuring I don’t possibly infringe any possible intellectual properties as claimed recently.

By writing this post and article, I also claim that this thought process is my own and a conclusion based on the research being made, which is still in progress and would certainly change to a degree based on research completion.

Traits of Industrial Revolution V or IR V as described by “LKN”

Traits of Industrial Revolution V or IR V will be the most disruptive innovations arising from well researched and developed technology-based outcomes that will not only change the way the products, services, and consumables are being used but also will change how the manufacturing and the functioning of these products, services, and consumables. You would not only see a Flat Hierarchy Structure in the IR V Companies but also will witness the increase in the number of companies facilitating and operating globally. These companies’ revenue will be much higher than today and possibly work from multiple habitats. The Processed Information available for these organizations of IR V is immense, and the possibilities of how it can be used are also enormous. We have seen previous industry versions operating by scaling manufacturing times, driven by information and resources; the IR V will see the immense number of Disruptive Innovations taking humans on a completely different path than before. We would be a generation that will witness and enable the possible growth humans can have in one single Industrial Revolution. The IR V will make human life a lot easier by transforming their ways of working to their consumption of services and consumables.

All said and done with additional responsibilities comes the different challenges; there is a need to make our values stronger with value and human-centric based governance and control mechanisms to direct and make a positive impact with IR V. The IR V in the making will be susceptible and will undoubtedly have a negative effect and may make be the cause for human extinction if not managed and directed well.

Here are a few of the aspects that IR V or Industrial Revolution V has for us based on my research so far:

To Download the PDF Copy of the Concepts discussed above “LKN” click here:

Intellectual Property of the Term “Industry 5.0”


It was brought to my notice on 5th December 2021 that one of the individuals has used the term “Industry 5.0” in one of his blogs and considers himself to be the person who coined the term “Industry 5.0” along with a view of my use of the same term in unjustified as it infringes the intellectual property rights.

Out of words and thoughts may be is the apt description of my state at the moment.

Just because someone used the term which was supposed to be obvious in one of the blogs doesn’t make it restrictive to use it.

I have someone claiming they used “Industry 5.0” as a term in their blogs and if I don’t join hands with them – I don’t have the right to use it because it’s their intellectual property.

Well “Industry 5.0” was predefined back in 18th Century with the naming convention that was accepted.

People have false claims for everything, I would appreciate if they had broader picture on the subject in question too.

Anyways I have decided to use my own term for the “Industry 5.0” or “5IR” or “Fifth Industrial Revolution” or “Industrial Revolution V” or “IR V” not that I accept their statement but more off considering the value I have for my time and rejecting these petty issues that are arising.

I will let you know the term I will be utilising for these concepts by Monday 13th December 2021 and this will certainly not be a normal verbiage, will abide the legal values which would make it my own IP abiding at least the basic rules of the IP enforcement.

Thanks for all the support I am getting. This initiative I am doing is not driven by money and more of giving back to the society for what it has given me. Please spare me from things which actually isn’t a matter of concern.

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Lame Talks on Industry 5.0 by LKN

I will be covering certain aspects of my professional experience, the differences that values can make in our lives and also for the bigger good of the humanity. I am also researching for my second book which is in progress on the industrial revolution so I will be covering couple of aspects of my findings.

To Start with I will be talking about:

  1. A Short Story from my past with a learning
  2. The Current Leadership Aspects
  3. Couple of Wrong Innovations and 
  4. The Conclusions of the Thought Process I am having

A Decade back I was working part of a IT Service Desk or More of an Helpdesk. As days passed I had more time in hand which I used dedicate to share motivational posts on Facebook the number of posts increased as the Job I had at hand become a Childs play, I know all the resolutions and my AHT wasn’t more then 4 minutes. Now I was most luckiest as I was indirectly reporting to Ex-US Army Veterans who had transitioned to IT Roles; They observed my activities, One Day one of the leaders pulled me on a call and was trying his best to communicate in the language I understood – He stated “Just because you can do, doesn’t mean you have too”

There is a lot of meaning in it, I might have understood at that time or I might not, Pretty much don’t remember however I did transition from that mindset to doing something more productive as I grew.

It has a lot of content in that one statement and I would conclude at the end on the reason to bring this topic in this podcast.

The Current Leadership aspects

You call me old school or whatever, My Upbringing has always have had a bigger picture created for the term leadership. I get to imagine the most ideal leadership that can be when I think about the aspects of the Leader – The Virtue of leading is more complicated, self sacrificing and fighting for the bigger good of the humanity is what I imagine. I so want to see a leader whom we can imagine to be “PERFECT” in all senses. Back to the real world from my fantasies.

What has happened to the Current Leadership, I mean the Money, Greed, Power and Favours seems to have corrupted the human mind, so much so that they have become the only drivers of Business. I agree Money is an aspect we all need however there is a Bigger Good expected from the Leaders driving it. I am referring to all those leaders who are in the decision making space I mean the real question is “Are they really keeping the Humans and Humanity at the Top of their Priorities?” We can go on and on – There are loads of books written and loads of quotes materials and podcasts being circulated with little or no use – I will conclude at the end on the reason to bring leadership as a subject on this podcast 

Innovations – Whoa, We have been doing quite a lot of innovations right, I mean isn’t the Corona Virus an apt example of an innovation? This is exactly I start Questioning the Leadership who makes decisions be it political or at the corporate – The Leaders have a heightened responsibility on what they approve and support along with the funding part. Have we gone nuts? Is the Greed for Power, Money, and the others contaminated our minds – Where is the bigger good for humanity here? Also While researching for my Second Book on Industrial Revolution – The Dusk where I man covering about Industry 5.0 I stumbled upon a research paper where AI Reproduction has been successfully attempted! I mean are we nuts? We all know AI is powerful and better than Humans and Even Elon Musk has admitted it in several talks on AI on how powerful AI is, How it can impact the Humans – He did quote that the Entire World Population can be fit in One Floor in New York – That’s how tiny we are and an attempt by AI to terminate us or even a natural event isn’t of a greater event as we are a minute part of the nature. 

These type of irresponsible innovations can increase as we proceed. This is were I would like to use the Earlier Quote – “Just because we can do, doesn’t mean we have to”

So now Why Bring the Leadership and Innovations as a part of this Podcast? Because The Leadership that we will have will direct these innovations and what we innovate will frame the future.

I would like to give a Glimpse of what my thought process is for the Second Book: “The Odyssey of Industrial Revolution – The Dusk” This book will be covering several traits of Industry 5.0 that would make to break it – and the Most Important aspects of Industry 5.0 are the Leadership and the Innovations that we make. Do note that the direction of innovation is completely dependent on the Leadership along with the direction what we get from them – Few Wrong Leaders is suffice to make things worse for an entire generation of humans!

I kind of like Elon not because he is richest, may be I am able to get exposure to his thought process because he is rich and famous that might be a different story altogether but – He does have valid points and its time we do something that really matters to humanity or at least not attempt those things which has a negative impact on humanity!

Failure Stories

Story of a Wannabe Entrepreneur!

A not so average kid was realising about the reality of life spending ages together in his family owned shop. He was fantasised by the company names printed on Calendars back in 1992/1993, he spent all these 2 years imagining his own chain of companies under his dads name and rewriting upon the printed calendars as “<Dad’s Last Name> Group of Companies”.

His sister was encouraging him to maintain a secret dairy back then to write his daily routine. In 1994 he started jotting out his business plans for the chain of companies he wants to start in his secret dairy instead of the routine. Somewhere in mid 1994 he realised all this plans need money to start and there came a flash light on the first profit making institution he was well versed with – “The School” he envisioned how a well established school can fund all his dreams. He went on to jot down every minute thing of how he can start, establish, make the school a profitable entity – Starting from CCTV’s to the Computers to heighten the interests of the parents and kids on the school. He didn’t stop here, he also went on to envision how he will divert the funds to start the chain of companies along with researching on how illegal it is to divert the funds, what are the loopholes and how to sustain. He had the draft ready to move on with starting the chain of companies as well.

This was his secret dairy hidden in his granny’s house beside his uncles cot; a small shelf where not so important things were kept.

There was an entrepreneur growing in him. 

Unfortunately the book went missing, his parents started loosing trust on him because he had started to realise the education system was a mess and was just an eye wash to push people to peasant labour of 9-5 without any creativity. His parents completely lost the trust and confidence in him as his marksheets weren’t so exciting for them and aptly reflected his perspectives on education system.

In 1997, he decided he had to first change the people around him at school as they weren’t matching his mindset. Instead of parents luring him it was his turn to lure the parents – Better results – Much better school with good crowd. He succeeded in getting the First Class Marks however his parents failed to keep up the promise. The kid ended up struck with the same shit headed crowd.

Little did the Kid know if his parents failed to keep up the promise it will hinder his progress! Kid started picking up the bad habits from the shit headed crowd, days passed by though he was getting the fancy marksheets his parents badly wanted, as his bad habits increased.

1999, Golden year for the kid to be out of school and move on to college, New Crowd, New Excitements, The Bad Habits – He did want a change. However got struck with more weird crowd this time in another bad educational institution. Within a year he was famous for all the bad things in the first year of college. With not this being suffice he remembered the suggestion of his sister on jotting down the routine this time to be spied upon by the same sister resulting in weird face offs in front of his parents.

The Secret Dairy reappeared in his Uncles hands in 2002 trying to accomplish the plan in the book without the passion that one needs to have. It’s all together another story on how the plans failed in front of this kid due to lack of passion, quality, dedication needed to accomplish the plan. He did shed a lot of tears in closed doors at the foolishness of his uncle.

As days passed the bad days increased, parents lost their confidence in the kid and even he lost his own confidence that he had back in 1992/1993!

The To-Be-Entrepreneur ended up being a college drop out hippie styled dude working in call centres, getting married and struggling to meet the ends and not to say – his own idea of making profit out of schools back fired when he had to shell out in lakhs for his child’s education!

What I learnt from this kid’s life:

  1. Never be so self destructive irrespective of how others treat you – This led to major blunders in this kids life
  2. Always stand up for what you believe in, people will however gather back once you succeed even if it’s for their selfish aspects
  3. Try to be self dependent always
  4. Never ignore what your kid is stating and what they are up to 
  5. As a parent, always believe in them. Have confidence in your kids
  6. Listen to your kids, if they aren’t comfortable they show tiny or minute signs even if you aren’t willing to listen. Pick those signs while forcing your decisions on them – Respond! Don’t React!
  7. As a parent and a family member you have their is a major impact of your decisions on your kids acknowledge them 
  8. Help your kids make decisions don’t do it on their behalf or force yours on them 
  9. Listen to even the tiniest cribbings of your kids. Understand the reasons behind them
  10. Cherish their childhood, make them feel loved. Ego or whatever avoid it – Just say and make them realise “You Love Them and Will be there in their worse days”

In this story, 

If the Parents had listened, understood, and acknowledged the kids thought process – Irrespective of what they would have found out in the book or not – He would have ended up as a successful entrepreneur. 

If his uncle who stole the book had brought the concepts in front of his parents, again this guy would have ended up as an entrepreneur, provided they supported him as a family.

If the parents were receptive to his requests and were emotional connected; they would have realised where he was headed too. Although in this case parents had realised where he was headed but they lacked the right responses and were only reacting for the situation 

I don’t want to divulge the name of this kid, but he certainly is successful now employed in an organisation. Does take care of his family. He is lovely, very emotional, caring, down to earth, displays a lot of gratitude! And yes still surrounded by people who have little faith on him!

Unfortunately has schizophrenia because of the childhood trauma he went through.

You may debate on he picked up bad habits, he picked up bad things! Remember our environment and the crowd around us has the maximum influence on what we become in future. 

Kids when presented with the good environment and crowd to cherish they grow up to become enormously successful and responsible. 

The kids growth is directly proportional to the environment and crowd around them.

Stop only seeking responsible kids, Be responsible and accountable parents too! That you can be only when you connect with them emotionally and not by spying on them. You need to open up the free communication channel for that to happen!

There is never a good parent and a bad parent, it’s all about how critical we are to the kids experiences and how we reciprocate to make things better, useful and contributing to their growth.

Note: I, Myself is still a budding parent. Just wanted to jot down my thought process to keep remainders for future reference as I listened to the Wannabe Entrepreneurs Story and the Grief behind the failure!

If you still think this kid was average when he knew that schools are money making institutions back in 1992, I don’t know what to say. He did have a point there as fast forward 2021 – Average Yearly Fee for a School is between 1.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs and not to mention the donations!

Have faith and Confidence in Your Kids! They need it!

CIAO, Happy Parenting!