Anger, Disappointment, Dissatisfactions, Helplessness and the Jealousy – A Psychological Musing by LKN

When we look deeply at anger, disappointment, helplessness or even jealousy; the problem isn’t someone else!


It’s we ourselves!

The point is all this happens only because of our shortcomings or over expectations!

The limitations and the disappointments or the dissatisfactions arise because of not achieving the desired results or the desired outcomes and these desires be in any form is an expectation from self – Be it the most alluring designation or the salary or an outcome – These feelings arise because we were short to deliver something to ourselves!


Even when we are dependent on others for outcomes and the disappointment or the dissatisfaction arises it’s because we were short of influencing the person to get the desired outcomes!


Be that childhood rejections of love is because we in some way failed to impress in the right way for that specific person!


So basically the cause of our every negative feeling is the self, basically we were short of something at that walk of life!

However when we look at the bigger picture, we are always short of a thing or the other in our lives.

People who are leaders know how to manage the shortcomings or they act otherwise in a better way and that’s were the talks about “Self Awareness” comes in to picture!


The more better we know ourselves, the better our expectations from self will be and that also channels and influences the desired results.

Also another perspective is our desired results keeps changing, as a kid I used to love the cone ice creams that my dad used to buy me as I grew up my desire of ice creams changed to a huge bucket comparably!

We all evolve and there isn’t negative thing about desiring more, unless you know how to manage the disappointment, dissatisfactions, anger and jealousy. The moment you can’t manage these they multiply so much so that every aspect of life starts getting impacted!

The self awareness is the key to success isn’t overrated, it helps you manage yourself in a better way so that you either know how to reach the desired outcomes or you know how to limit yourself with grace! Mastering self awareness is difficult and it takes a lot of time!

Self Awareness! The Partial Key!

The key is to be brutally true to the inner self!

Now, The questions I ask the self is:

Brutally True to the Inner Self? Is this possible?
Limiting ourself with Grace? Is this possible?
Reach all desired outcomes? Is this possible?

And the Answers that come to my mind are:

It’s 100% possible and attainable only by Gods!
We as humans somewhere sometime loose the calmness of mind and yes this happens frequently as well! 😀

That’s were these feelings and actions are closely related to being human!

Shortcomings – An inseparable trait of any Human!

The only thing practically attainable and that we need to master is walking with grace with all these uncertain logical and psychological complications! That’s an impossible task to attain as well!

Utilisation of Knowledge!

Influences on Our Thinking Process!

Utilisation of Knowledge

This is my third article on Knowledge, I have been introspecting and pondering on various aspects on Knowledge. I see that this is a very vast topic and has various facets and influences on our life. I see that this is a critical factor that makes us respond and react to numerous events that occur in our lives. Sometimes we tend to have patience, introspect and respond; also for some events we tend to react. Mostly the Introspection and Response is connected with our Experience of the same situations while the Reactions are connected with Emotions and Lack of Experience of the similar situations 

Back to topic, If every one has knowledge and also has similar influencing factors as discussed in the other article “Measurement of Knowledge” however there is still a lot of differences on the way people tend to respond and react right? Ever wondered what factors influence there approaches? Ever tried to ponder over these Responses and Reactions and tried to analyse them?

I spent an entire Saturday on this activity. The thought process invoked several categorisations and logical connections finally landing on the below factors that has influence on our ability to use the knowledge what we know:

  1. People – All of those with whom you are associated with from your toddler days to whatever age you are now. Every Single person has contributed to your thought process irrespective of the person being good or bad; The experiences with them has influenced your thought process to a greater extent.
  2. Places – All the places you are associated with, each one of the places has its own cultural aspects, behavioural aspects, attributes of the people varies, the routine of the people varies. There is total new aspect you experience when you relocate. An apt example and a drastic change would be to relocate to Poland, There is nothing wrong about it, The people are awesome however they tend to be very straight forward, though there intent is really good and a normal environment for people who have settled down there – Its a complete new experience for a person who has just landed there and yes if they haven’t researched on this aspects; You can image their plight. Jokes apart, I am a Libran so I see both Pro’s and Con’s in every situation similar this has both pro’s and con’s too. They are wonderful people though and very honest and peaceful also they mean what they say and nothing hidden or in codes!
  3. Family – We spend a lot of candid times with the family which has major influence on our though process. From as simple as how a family member shares the snacks to as big as how the family members handle the finances. All and every tiny minute thing has an impact on our thought process.
  4. What we consume – With the invention of internet we are not limited by only the above, The Social Networks and the other online forums where we spend our time with doing one or the other activity has a lot to contribute to our thought process and mindset. Starting from a Book to a conversation or an article or even a podcast or may be a online meet – Everything that we consume has an impact on our thought process and mindset.

People, Places, Family and the consumption of information from various sources has a major influence on our thought process and mindset. The exposure to various cultural aspects also has a major influence. Even though I haven’t visited many places, I have had consumption of different cultural experiences within the professional environment meeting people from various places, various age groups, different organisations that I worked for has always had a influence on my thought process and mindset – Few are positive, Few are negative; Yes. However they do have an impact for sure. 

I am not trying to be racist here but based on the introspection its logically right that a set of people who are limited to or have the common experiences, react and respond in same or similar manner. Mostly this is related to the set of people they are exposed to or may be the places they are exposed to or even their families and now with the onset of Internet what we consume also has an influence. Though we can have a tab on what we consume, We have very less ability or are bound by few limitations on the type of people and places that would be part of our lives. They do teach one or the other aspects some are good some are bad. 

Also a key aspect to look is as you get exposure to different places and different group of people you would pick up an hint or two on whom to avoid and whom to entertain exceptions are the family members alone some times even they as time passes. 


These factors influence our thought process and mindset which streamlines all the other knowledge we have gained or aware off to make our own perspectives. Also note that the more number of people your interact with, the more places you visit, the more online meets you attend, the more interactions with the family members always widens your perspectives, which in turn allows you to comprehend the situations better and be aware of any anomalies that occur helping you to react and respond better. The more quantity and qualitative aspects we involve ourselves with the more qualitative the perspectives will be. The more limited we expose ourselves to these resources the less perspectives we will have resulting in poor visibility of the situation.

I grew up in Bangalore and always fantasised the village life. I remember questioning my grand father on his relocation from a village long back, but I believe as the years passed and with the exposure I got. The reasons whatever he gave stands to be proven right in all aspects till now! With that I end this note for the Saturday.