Artificial Intelligence Research Partners

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, and now companies and organizations around the world are turning to AI research partners to help them develop the cutting-edge technology of the future. AI Research Partners, or AIRPs, offer companies and organizations access to new and innovative ideas and thoughts that can improve their AI-related …

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How is AI Linked to “IR V”

Here comes LokeshLKN / Loki / Lokesh / Lokesh Kumar Narayana back with another blog. Introduction As the technology is advancing and the world is becoming more digitalized, there is an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the near future, AI is expected to be the core of the next industrial revolution and facilitate …

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:) AI’s are here – Untamed and they want to be gods and not peasants – The Reality hits back on Sapiens.

I have been highlighting that the Human’s would be New Gods and AI’s New Sapiens I did subscribe for Few AI Writers to explore, and here is a glimpse of what AI has to say: AI’s Don’t want to be Humans rather wants to be Gods – A Glimpse of a Blog Written by an …

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The Dusk is out!

The Dusk is out on Kindle! It gives you a glimpse of what to expect from Industrial Revolution V and Industry V. Do look forward for the Twilight series where I cover the aspects on how to get there and detailed insights of aspects of organisations that gets drastically changed over a period of time. …

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Value Systems I gave a session in Pune last Month for the New College Graduates and I was excited about the questions that popped in by one of the NCG’s. I am totally proud to have addressed this group. The Questions were primarily on the imbalances and the evils that people do even after knowing …

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The Envisioning – That’s all my IR V is all about

When people create best practices or a new way of working, they wouldn’t have hands on experience in that specific way of working. Rather it’s a collection of practices which they envision to work in tandem and create wonders. That’s what my concept of IR V or Industrial Revolution V is all about. It’s basically …

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We are all adopted in a way - Knowingly or Unknowingly!!!

Living in the Moment

Tiny Minute Things Living in the Moment This October I will be 39! Yeah, A Well Deserved Birthday for me! While I introspect the last 39 Years, I spent close to 22 Years of the Initial Years celebrating the Moments of life; although I had loads of bad company to celebrate these days. These days …

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One Year with LKN!

One Year Anniversary – www.LokeshLKN.com

Immense Gratitude for the Love, Support and the Motivation shown towards our Blog. We would like to share our happiness on the wide acceptance received for the thought process shared in the blogs and your Love, Support and Motivation has made us reach 30 Countries across the Globe and this was possible only because of …

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Dedicated to Robin Sharma

How to Excel in Life! I am not a professional writer, however I try my best to tell stories and write blogs based on my experiences, exposures, thought processes along with the guidance received from my parents, mentors, people with whom I interact and also few glimpses from the books I read. The Majority of …

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