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LokeshLKN – The Re-initiation and Rediscover – Happy Learning Discussions with LKN

We at LokeshLKN will remain Non Profit for a Long Time Now. Please welcome Megha, Susan and Rafeh to LokeshLKN. They will be here throughout this Journey of IR V with you all. Thanks for all the Support, Do Visit to check out the New Design at LokeshLKN.com. Happy Learning!!!
  1. LokeshLKN – The Re-initiation and Rediscover – Happy Learning
  2. Episode 7: Enabling HVIT (High Velocity IT)
  3. Episode 6: Business Agility and the Basics of Next Industrial Revolution (IR V or Industrial Revolution V)
  4. Episode 1 – Industry 5.0 – Just Warming Up
  5. Episode – 5 – Industry 4.0 – Financial Sector

Podcasts can make elaborate and complex problem solving simpler along with value co-creation when shared with a large set of listeners.

Artificial Intelligence Research Partners
Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, and now companies …
Some Tips to be the Rock Star at an Old Age – We can get lucky at 99 too if we are Tech Savvy and Gadget Freaks!!! ☺️
Work on your Mojo!
How is AI Linked to “IR V”
Here comes LokeshLKN / Loki / Lokesh / Lokesh Kumar Narayana back …
🙂 AI’s are here – Untamed and they want to be gods and not peasants – The Reality hits back on Sapiens.
I have been highlighting that the Human's would be New Gods and …

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