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Episode 7: Enabling HVIT (High Velocity IT) Discussions with LKN

Hi, I am LKN, and Here's the Next Podcast on Enabling HVIT (High Velocity IT)
  1. Episode 7: Enabling HVIT (High Velocity IT)
  2. Episode 6: Business Agility and the Basics of Next Industrial Revolution (IR V or Industrial Revolution V)
  3. Episode 1 – Industry 5.0 – Just Warming Up
  4. Episode – 5 – Industry 4.0 – Financial Sector
  5. Episode 4 – Industry 4.0 – Agriculture and Farming

Podcasts can make elaborate and complex problem solving simpler along with value co-creation when shared with a large set of listeners.

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Immense Gratitude for the Love, Support and the Motivation shown towards our …

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