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From the Desk of LKN!
From LKN’s Desk

A Next Generation Visionary and a Prolific Technology Writer.

  • 20+ years of Professional Learnings and Failure Stories
  • 16+ years of full time experience working in Consulting and IT Project Management domain
  • 100+ Digital Transformation and ITSM Consulting Projects
  • 100+ Satisfied International Clients across USA, UK, EMEA, LATAM Regions
  • 50 Million+ Savings in USD for the Clients in the Professional Journey
  • ~20 Professional Certifications

Lokesh Kumar Narayana
The Dawn by LKN
Link to the First Book: The Dawn: Click Here or on the Image

Link to the Second Book: The Dusk: Click Here

Abstract from Discussions with LKN!
Abstract from Discussions with LKN!
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