Schizophrenic – A Complimentary blog on Mental Health

Schizophrenic – A Complimentary blog on Mental Health

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Psychological disorders are too complex, common and rarely spoken about. The Neuroscience is something which has a lot of unknown areas unexplored. Even if the technology has advanced one thing human has failed to explore are the aspects related to the functioning of the Brain and related ailments. Their has been centuries of research on various aspects of the brain function and still most of the psychological ailments doesn’t have concrete treatments. 

One such ailment is Schizophrenia, the term schizophrenia may create a picture of a mad, crazy human; especially with the Famous Incident in Canada even the term schizophrenia made many of us remember the cannibalism and have a running imaginary video play on the back ground of our heads. Vivid imaginations right that’s what the brain is all about.

Let’s dwell more about this ailment schizophrenia.


Many a times our imaginations are way out of league be it a happy moment or an unhappy moment; we have our brain getting all excited to create an imaginary views of many probabilities, permutations and combinations in our head. These probability, permutations and combinations over a time if repeated they have a very good impact on a humans function. Just like we have the concept of how a practice becomes a habit, the habit becomes a routine and finally the routine gets embedded to the character; these possibilities, permutations and combinations will have a very important effect on a sane human right? Mostly Positive.

Now why is this related to schizophrenia, this is what happens with a schizophrenic mind, they are sane just like us but with very vivid imaginations and hyper active brains. The probabilities, permutations and combinations that a schizophrenic mind runs through is immense and very detailed, continuous and very relatable. Schizophrenic have their own brain having conversations with itself, giving instructions, guiding themselves, introspecting the past actions, detailing out the probabilities and a lot much happens inside these people. The sad part is their brain is so detailed and hyperactive that this impairs the normal functioning over a long period of time creating an havoc in their lives. 

Usually most schizophrenic gets diagnosed between 20’s and 30’s. So ideally the brain starts malfunctioning after 20 Years of Abuse. Jokes apart.

With the environment these schizophrenic’s are in, possible adds more to the already impaired brain. Imagine the same set of activities – Talking to self, giving instructions to self, guiding themselves, loads of introspection is really good but in the right mindset only. For a person who is used to most friendly, supportive environment they blossom as in an awesome flower; however if their environments where so good they wouldn’t have got this ailment in the first place.

Loads of stress overtime makes an individual think a lot, consider all probabilities, permutations and combinations – they do imagine vividly, the long lasting stress makes the same activities as in the self talks, guidance and introspection becomes negative. They become a sadistic critic for themselves. As the thoughts of the mind has serious impact on their day to day life; they see themselves as a failure and the self talks makes it worse to look anything in the positive light, their guiding factor gets impaired due to repetitive failures and stress factors and also the introspection turns out to be a critic of every minute action of this person. The continuous negative self talk and the critic of every small action and inaction increases with time. After all mind is something which gets trained and these continuous repetition of the negatives impairs their mindset contributing to overall impairment.

Also the schizophrenics have poor memory, the funniest part is since the imaginations and self talk are so continuous and relative, the schizophrenics tend to forget the reality and remember their vivid imaginations as real. They start dwelling in their vivid imaginations and fantasies considering it to be real. These are something’s referred as Auditory and Visual Hallucinations their minds are pathetically abused so much so that they can’t differentiate what’s in their mind and what’s right in front of them.

Who is supposed to be blamed? 

No one

Is there a cure? 


What’s the best possible solution?

Take regular psychiatric help and medications 

What’s the best environment for a schizophrenic?

All they need is a cordial environment and a lot of human conversations. Their mind does miracles when they are gifted with good positive environment. Who doesn’t every one does; however with the gifted vivid imaginations they create impossible possible as well. That’s the schizophrenics who achieved something big because not only their environment was awesome but also their brains used that opportunity to reroute and manifest what they need once it was in place. Help them have a good cordial environment with fantastic positive people around!

Does this mean schizophrenia get cured?

No, medications and cordial environments help them stay sane delaying the impact on brain cells.

What’s that schizophrenics can’t resist?

Cigarettes and Spending most of the time alone.

How to keep schizophrenics away from their fantasy world?

You can’t, but you can make them understand logically about the ailment they have and once they have the right environment the brain will automatically take the actions needed for betterment. They will depend on their close associates validating every small thinking and repeatedly confirming that they are on the right track. Yes they start depending on external sources to validate their thought process – this makes or breaks them – if they are gifted with the right set of people they blossom if not they perish!

So does schizophrenics live long?

Mostly they will be addicted to cigarettes which will any way reduce their life span followed by the insanity caused by stress – they will die insane for sure.

What’s that I request you all?

Psychological ailments aren’t as simple as they look, it’s so complicated that even the science has been unable to explore in depth. Allow them to talk openly about their ailments – if possible help them or stay away from them if you can’t. Don’t add to the pain.

Is there any hope for these people?

For now the only possible hope are the chips that Neuralink is experimenting on! And the next is God if they exist!

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