Culmination of Industry 4.0 series of Blogs

So here we complete the Industry 4.0 series of Blogs and Start the Industry 5.0 series of Blogs.

As we complete the Industry 4.0 Series of Blogs; I want to touch base on the basics. Each Industry Revolution comes to reality only because there are a major set of folks as in groups who do things differently to welcome and enable the revolution. Revolution itself means a group of people acting upon an idea to change the things.

So basically every industry revolution comes into existence because few folks dreamt about it, directed in it and made the other set of people see the positives and value adds. These set of people who enable revolutions are very important.

All said and done! So what are we up to in this game. Are we part of the set of people who are dreaming and acting or are we part of the set of people who want to wait see and play safe.

Again the old ways of working:

1. Using Same Old Maturity Models

2. Using the Same Old improvisation Techniques

3. Using the Same Optimisation techniques

4. Playing the Age old ticket value game

5. Playing the Same age old cost reduction

6. Playing the Same Value Realisation Game

7. And all the others what you can think off and have been doing all along 

None of this is going to help, as one of author introduced the name of Dragons for the Companies that are playing 10X from those who are age old the game; what’s at stake is too big.

It’s time for you all to step up and change the game. Be part of new ways of working, find new ways to reduce 10X more and also gain 10X of Every thing you have been doing. This is possible only via Innovations.

It’s time to play big and to play big your every action should be filled with innovation and new ways of working, else you are left behind in the game.

Again for all those companies playing safe and the same age old Techniques of Maturity Models, Improvisations, Optimisations, Ticket Values and others doesn’t work; One of the reasons for my recent exit. Even if the pointers are same the output expected is 10X more so it’s time to buckle up and play big with innovations.

If you are not innovating, you are loosing is going to be the Tag Line for Industry 5.0

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