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I gave a session in Pune last Month for the New College Graduates and I was excited about the questions that popped in by one of the NCG’s. I am totally proud to have addressed this group. The Questions were primarily on the imbalances and the evils that people do even after knowing the fact that the action is negative. What I noted was there questions were primarily to understand the Governance Aspects and how it controls the human growth.

Collective Contribution for the Bigger Good of Humanity

 As you all know I have been researching on IR V and have called out few concepts which aren’t ideal in the current progression of Humanity. Just to Recollect and Rephrase – Here is a Short Glimpse of the Negatives that’s Bogging Down the Humanity:

  1. Excessive Use of Products which are of Use and Throw Category and Lack of Repair Options tending to make us re-purchase the less durable products resulting in more usage of Natural Resources
  2. Accumulation of Technology in few region
  3. Accumulation of Wealth in few regions
  4. Inaccurate Grants for Research and Development impacting the whole Humanity

No Matter what we do, we can’t control Evil Actions. There was One Ravana, There was One Kamsa – May be Mythology, There was One Hitler, There was also One who Invented “Corona

So it’s a Collective Effort of Tracking these ill-minded people and its now every individuals task because I doubt the Gods would make an appearance again in any form to fight the evil on our behalf.

It’s time we take accountability for our own actions and existence.

Act of Governance

Governance is a Collection of Check Points to Ensure a Particular Process or a Practice doesn’t deviate. Gods used to do this before by ensuring that Humans Comply to a Health Living and there has been loads of Stories in all Religions on how a Negative Act from a Human resulted in Punishment in One or the Other Forms from the Gods. Isn’t that the same any Governing Entity would do?

Individualistic Accountability

You get punished for being unethical in any entity, however the Punishment is limited to Evidences and Visibility as we aren’t Gods and sometimes even the evidences are morphed. We lack the ability to confidently punish an individual no matter how immoral or moral he or she has been.

The Task and the Challenge is for every one to get involved in the Governance Model and Ensure that the Wrong People and thoughts are brought to Justice by ensuring our acts are intact – As small as not letting an injustice slip away but rather ensure that the right people are brought to notice the event of injustice. That’s the basic what we can do. The Maximum is to ensure our Individual Value System is in Par with the Current Generation of Governance.

However there is a Bigger Thought of Value System on which the Governance Model is based on; which comprises of Ethical Values, Humanity, Unbiased Approach and Righteousness which leads to the bigger good.

In Mythology and Ancient Schools this has been conveyed as the Foundation which we miss in todays education and even when they were present Mythology does speak about the Evils which existed so the Ideal State can’t be Perfect.

However, Our Individual Contribution increases or helps us achieve near to perfection state.

Back to Governance Model’s Value System

In the Current Generation, The Teeth for Punishment is with the Organisations as in for which we work for and with the Elected Government 

While the Organisations influence Elected Governments, its the Value System which the Leaders in an organisation build that matters a lot and contributes at a bigger scale to the amendments that the Elected Governments make – You as NCG’s on a longer run would take up the Leadership Role and there are loads of factors that build your personality in the process. It matters a lot and as long as your Individual Value System is for the Grater Good – You would certainly Contribute to a Bigger Cause for the Well Being of the Humanity.

On the Other Side, we have the Elected Government Individuals – We Elect them, Understanding their Value System before electing them makes loads of difference; All though that’s another Topic altogether – Do watch out for whom you Vote.

The Organisations Influences the Elected Government to Establish certain check points, although there are certainly loop holes within these check points its the individualistic value system that makes these check points a success.

Imagine I give bribe to an Officer for a Gain and come back home then backslash at the Governance! The Key is Influencing Every Individual for the Right Value System thereby bringing a bigger change in the Ecosystem – For this Our Individual Value System should be at Par!

Back to Mythology and History

We have had many Religious Books, A Read of Sapiens would enlighten you that these books change over a period of time. The Proven Leader who Follows one of the First Versions of Book will not be a successful leader in the current generation. Isn’t this right?

Leaders need to evolve with time! Else no matter how successful their past was, they will not be able to contribute positively.

Also these Value Systems can’t be thought holistically rather an experience of life would mould an individual. Not all our encounters would be positive and a series of events would eventually mould us on our way to Glory! Else there wouldn’t have been a Ravana or a Kamsa or a Hitler or even the Current “Inventor of Corona

How do we Improve our Individual Value System?

  1. Read all Mythology Books
  2. Read More Books on Philosophy and Self Improvements – Expand your Knowledge on Humanity
  3. Widen your Perspectives and Thought Processes
  4. Be Open for a Contradicting Thought Process, But have check points on Ethicality, Righteousness, Humanity and an Unbiased Approach
  5. Learn Daily – Have a keen interest in Continual Improvement and Evolvement of Thought Processes
  6. Be Genuine
  7. Give your 100% irrespective of what’s expected
  8. Most Importantly “Be Kind” and “Be Human”
  9. Travel More
  10. Converse and Share your Thoughts, Also Correct others when they are deviating from their own Value Systems

Glimpse of what my Value System dreams about: 

Be Kind to Yourself as well!

I watch few online platforms as well – Lucifer MorningStar and Loki Laufeyson are one of my favourite characters especially the stories depicts there evolutions of thoughts and how they progress to become Sane Individuals – Trust me Life Moulds Us with Time!

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