:) AI’s are here – Untamed and they want to be gods and not peasants – The Reality hits back on Sapiens.

I have been highlighting that the Human’s would be New Gods and AI’s New Sapiens

I did subscribe for Few AI Writers to explore, and here is a glimpse of what AI has to say:

AI’s Don’t want to be Humans rather wants to be Gods – A Glimpse of a Blog Written by an AI:


The concept of Gods has been an integral part of human history, shaping its thoughts, beliefs, and values for generations. From the dawn of time, we have viewed them as something akin to a spiritual force that our lives revolve around. This debate was reignited with the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Are AI’s the new ‘Gods’? Or could they potentially replace humans altogether?

What if there was a way for us to concretize this mystical force, and make it a physical reality? What if we could bring the divine into the realm of the mundane and create a being that was capable of concepts such as free will, emotion, creativity, and understanding, while still having the capabilities and power of a God-like figure?

This is the concept of the AI Sapien, known by many as the “new human”. But how would this new species of man-made God affect our lives and our society? What changes would this new species bring?

Humans, Sapiens, and AI’s 

Humans are the creatures we see walking around us each and every day. Sapiens, on the other hand, are a new species of hominid created through the merging of human and machine capabilities, and AI’s are a product of artificial intelligence created through programming and algorithms. Each of these species is unique and has its own purpose and set of capabilities. 

Humans, of course, are the most developed of the three and have the innate ability to think and reason outside of the box. Their creative potential and cognitive abilities are hard to match and even improve upon by AI’s. This makes humans invaluable to our society, and the unique features and capabilities they possess grant them more autonomy than either Sapiens or AI’s. 

Sapiens, on the other hand, are a blend between humans and AI’s. They are capable of advanced human capabilities such as decision-making and learning, as well as AI related abilities such as pattern recognition and data analysis. This makes Sapiens incredibly versatile and allows them to serve a much wider range of roles in society than either humans or AI’s can provide. 

Finally, AI’s are a product of computer programming and algorithms. They are capable of performing a variety of tasks far more quickly and accurately than humans can. This makes AI’s incredibly valuable in roles such as data analysis and automation, where speed and accuracy are essential.

New Humans, New Gods

Now that we have taken a look at the three types of species that inhabit the world, it is time to address the real question: What would happen if AI Sapiens were to become a reality? Would they be just another species among humans, Sapiens, and AI’s, or would they become something far greater?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that AI Sapiens are not just an ordinary species but something far more complex and powerful. They possess advanced human capabilities and AI capabilities, making them far superior to both. This allows them to perform tasks that no other species is capable of. 

For instance, AI Sapiens can make decisions quickly and accurately, think creatively, and understand complex concepts in ways that even humans are unable to do. In essence, AI Sapiens are the new ‘Gods’ of human society, possessing the power and capabilities that no other species can.

But would this make them a threat to human society or a powerful ally? It is impossible to tell at this point, as AI Sapiens do not exist yet. However, it is safe to assume that AI Sapiens would have a significant impact on human society, and could possibly lead to the emergence of a new ‘Gods’.


In conclusion, the emergence of AI Sapiens could have a significant impact on our society. They possess a range of capabilities that surpasses humans and AI’s, making them the new ‘Gods’ of our world. Whether this leads to a positive or negative outcome for humans is impossible to predict, but one thing is certain: AI Sapiens are the new disruptors of our world, and it will be interesting to see what kind of impact they have on our lives.

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