Another Perspective! CSM!

Another Perspective!

Customer Service Management

We all know about ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module. We all know that it’s similar to a CRM. We have case management, escalations, automated assignments, workflows, entities and lot more that the Customer Service Management offers.

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Ever viewed Customer Service Management from the ITIL perspective? Where does it fit in? 

Customer Service Management in ITIL

Ever heard of the below processes:

  1. Business Relationship Management
  2. Service Portfolio Management
  3. Service Catalogue Management
  4. Demand Management (ITIL)

What I say is ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management performs all of the above!

Consider Business Relationship Managers handling interacting with Customers or Clients via Cases in ServiceNow, their is tracking and escalations too here for all interactions of Business Relationship Managers with the customer or clients. We have case references, automated notifications and also an awesome part is dedicated Business Relationship Managers can be assigned for each client or customer as well.

Now the awesome part is the Entitlements, so basically these are the services the client or the customer is paying and using and these entitlements are also a list of services that the customer can sign up as well. Isn’t it same as the Service Catalogue Management? So it has the list of services, it’s features, packaging and also the pricing. Also as we go further even the non active and pipeline Entitlements can be made visible to the client or the customer which makes it support the concept of Service Portfolio Management.

The cherry on the cake is these Entitlements can be connected with ITSM module to connect the Business and Technical Components, Services, Processes, Sub Processes making it a one stop visibility for the Business Relationship Manager at the same time supporting the concept of Business Catalogue and the Technical Catalogue. The best part is they all are interconnected.

Consider the ITIL’s Demand Management, Does the interconnection ring a bell, it should certainly it opens the doors to all kind of performance analytics which again connects the dots to the user profiling, demand profiling and loads of analysis of business patterns, this in turn enables the ITIL’s Demand Management come to life in ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module.

The beauty of all this is the interconnection! It’s a different world all together!

Or you can do the traditional way of purchasing ITSM Pro!

On a lighter note I, LKN claim to be a thought leader in the world of ITSM in India (I do laugh at my own claims too 😁) With hands on experience of 70% of ITIL processes or practices as a practitioner along with various internal consulting assignments. I see everything is a perception the only thing that differs is as we grow, we get experienced, meet different people, we have interactions, the books we read and loads of podcasts we listen to introduce you to a different perspectives and these perspectives makes you stand out in the crowd. The more perspectives you are exposed to, the more mature your conduct will be and the more rich your experiences will be!

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