Raising the Voice! The High Pitch!

Raising the Voice!

The High Pitch

High Pitch! Emotional Intelligence, Right Conduct, Ethics and Values! Are these most underrated in the current world? Certainly yes, I totally get you! I grew up in a orthodox family which thought me the values, respecting others, setting an example from my conduct for the younger ones, empowering the less gifted or the less powerful people, helping the needy, contributing my time for the betterment of another individual. Old school? Yes Certainly. 

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So I have close to 4 decades of experience in life, 

  1. I still don’t feel I know enough! 

Yes, the self doubt creeps in. 

2. Does it scare me? 

Yes, Certainly! 

3. Am I exposed to all perspectives now? 

No, not yet!

4. Do I have the right to voice my opinions?

It’s a conditional Yes! 

5. Can I push my opinions on others? 


6. Can I scream at the less gifted ones? 


7. Can I raise my voice on an individual? 

I don’t have the right unless he or she is my blood relative. 

So what’s that we can do?

  • Empower the needy
  • Stand by values
  • Understand the emotional aspects, have some emotional intelligence
  • Listen a lot
  • Spend time with the less knowledgeable ones to empower them not to belittle them
  • Respect women and elders
  • Help as much as you can
  • Be there for everyone as much as possible 
  • Lead by example
  • Read as many books, articles as you can
  • Loads of conversations with people of other age, profession and culture 

Yes all are old book stuff, much needed for everyone.

The right code of conduct should come from the heart, yes it’s not thought by a person but yes the life will teach before the last greetings!

  • Does raising my voice make me a winner?

May be for the moment!

  • Does walking away make me a looser?

May be for the moment!

  • Does that mean I will always win!

No, it just means I look up to me in the mirror with a smile and head held high; even if the food is limited on the table!

  • Does the above make me a Guru? 


  • Does this mean I have not made mistakes? 

No, We learn from mistakes!

  • Does this mean I will never make mistakes? 

No, it just means not the same ones!

  • Does that mean that I am too rigid and not agile!

No, I am very flexible and open for other perspectives as well!

So what’s the point of writing this? 

Just a note and a memory for self, tied with a notable significance in my life!

Just a perspectives or a thought process as a memoir! It’s exactly 13 Years since I have been impolite to anyone. An achievement for sure!

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