Future of Work! LKN’s Perspectives.

The Day when Humans become Gods!

Future of Work

What’s Next?

Have you ever got an opportunity to sit, analyse and introspect on how and in what direction the Industries and IT have headed? Ever wondered what’s next for us? Ever wondered how we may be working in Future? Ever wondered with Robotics, AI and Emerging Technologies how our works may Transform? Ever wondered if Robots and AI take over then what a Human will be working on? 

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For now, We have the below category of work:

  1. Desk Jobs – Developers, IT, Middle Management, Senior Management, C-Suite Executives and Others
  2. Field Jobs: Client Facing Roles, Sales Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, others
  3. Skilled Workers: Mostly Manual Labours
  4. Creative Jobs: Actors, Authors, Poets, Singers and Others

It was a Saturday as usual, I spend a lot of time contemplating, talking with other professionals, interacting with college and school kids. It has become a routine for me to enable others and make them look at the bigger picture. My conversation with one of the professional ignited a thought process on how and what we may be doing in near future once the Robots and AI takes over. I plunged in to explore more on where and in what direction we are heading and this is what I found, Few Facts:

  1. Desk Jobs: 
  • Develop: Back in 2017, Microsoft made an announcement of DeepCoder; An AI Application which has the capability to write applications on its own. Though the Project is still in progress, We already have DeepCode, One step closer. I am pretty sure in few years we will have AI Applications creating Applications and Programs on its own to Solve Businesses. So we may not need a Developer at all and there is no need to remember all the semantics and syntaxes up our sleeves and wake up in the middle of the night remembering an additional line of code that will solve a defect! So most of the Software Jobs will not be performed by Humans.
  • Implementation: We already have DevOps from 2009, Its has already made wonders in Auto-Testing and Auto-Implementations. This will be more stable and as it develops with an addition of a AI based Program to Trigger the Implementations with minimal human intervention, The Implementation Jobs also will not be performed by Humans.
  • Run/Maintenance and Improve: Chaos Engineering dates back to 2011 initiated one a migration event in Netflix has opened a Pandora Box of possibilities. It enables resilience towards Infrastructure Failures, Network Failures and Application Failures. If this is coupled with the AI Programmed Applications – All Type of Infra/Network/App Fails can be handled using AI with no Human Intervention and the AI Based Applications takes over Run/Maintenance and Improve from Humans
  • Hardware of IT: Back in 2013, Bill Kleyman wrote an Article on How Data Centre Robotic Automation is already been researched. He also mentioned about DevLinks Ltd on their on going research on Robotic Automation in Data Centres. Though this is still in progress, There will be a Day where Hardware Issues in Data Centres will be addressed by Robots and AI. So again all Hardware Jobs will be taken over by the Robots!
  1. Field Jobs: These are Customer Facing Roles, Primarily Involves Demos, Interactions and Sales. AI’s are already capable of creating Human Faces, along with the addition of AI Augmentation, The Human Intelligence or may be better then that can be augmented along with Emotions; Not to stop with this the addition of Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science helps the AI in not only analyse the consumption data but also suggest/recommend and make sales to humans with Augmented Reality. There will be soon be days with AI based Augmented Reality will make sales to humans using Big Data/Data Science/Data Analytics again with no human intervention. The Field Jobs are also taken off. Doctors, Lawyers, Architects will also follow the same, even if delayed their will be a day where none of these jobs will be done by humans
  2. Skilled Workers: Now when AI can take of the Desk Jobs and the Field Jobs, The Manufacturing Industry which is always leading the revolution is not left behind. The Industry 5.0 Concepts show us how Robots can be used in place of Skilled Workers and they are already a step ahead from all others – We already see 3D Printers Printing Homes even in Developing Countries. So there are no Skilled Jobs left for Humans.
  3. Creative Jobs: Now when AI and Robots have taken over the most complicated jobs, Do you think they will spare this one? Editor in Chief of The Research Nest wrote an Article mentioning the 5 Books which are of top most quality written by AI Authors. The Fake Faces are created already by AI and the Acting Profession will also be taken over, same goes with Singing, Composition, Music and all others will follow. There will be a Day where New Inventions are made by AI and Robots too.

So what’s left for Humans!

As Usual Humans are behind money so they are never satisfied with the need to earn more and the old habit of having peasants will still be on, The only difference is the Modern Day Humans will have Digitalised and Robotic Peasants to mint money, They are never tired as well leading to more gain with less investment. Anyway I am not against the Humans, But yes the ways of manipulating and not creating a Win-Win Situation for all makes me get a bit grumpy.

Back to Topic; The Jobs that will remain are:

  1. Entrepreneurs: People who mint money using Robots and possible other Humans
  2. Humans Other then Entrepreneurs: Business Analysts who knows which AI and Robot to Use where and for what purpose and for what Outcomes along with Strategising things for the Entrepreneurs. In short helping them mint money using Robots. 

In other ways the Business Analysts work will be that of a Building Blocks of Current Day Kids, They already have everything as Blocks, They need to use them, connect them to each other and create a Business Model for the Entrepreneur.

So Basically you need to be an Entrepreneur or at least a Pinch of Knowledge on all the aspects so that you get your share of money. 💰 

Whats needed now:

We need all that which is needed to make the above come in to form, It will eventually come how much ever we try to stop it.

The Next Decade will be full of Inventions, Mostly inline with enabling the above listed predictions come true.

You will see Invention of Different forms of AI, Different methods of Data Analysis and their usages, Different type of Robots meant for each Activity.

The Entrepreneurs investing in Invention and Building of the First Type of the Above Prototypes will have a upper hand by Patenting their innovations and have a lifetime of royalties paid in the future.

May be you are thinking, I missed the Farmers – No, They are Entrepreneurs too. They will employ Robots, Business Analysts and grow crops with least effort as we go forward.

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