Mid-Life Crisis – Part and Parcel of Life

 Mid-Life Crisis – Part and Parcel of Life

We all have heard of this term. But what does it actually mean? Are you going through it? Let’s find out in the article below:

MIDLIFE CRISIS, an event that is scary in every individual’s life. A point of time where we question everything that is a part of us through this point in life. It doesn’t spare anyone; we tend to question everything inclusive of our own existence. Often confused with depression, but it’s completely different.  

A mid-life crisis is very dangerous, an anxious phase where we question our identities, way of life, our likes/dislikes, career, friends, family, environments, and all that we have around us that builds our identity.

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It’s basically a phase where an individual is not happy about his life and dislikes the major portion of things around him. This kind of, forces an individual to be sad and introspect a lot on what’s around him with deep feelings of self-pity followed by acceptance or understanding of what has to be done. 

In most cases, before the understanding is yet to sink in, an individual tends to be on the verge to act without a thorough thought process, which can be perceived as spontaneous, impulsive and irresponsible behaviour.

People seem to think we are out of our minds. However, the only way out is to have patience, introspect a lot, and verify thoughts with family or close circle before acting out, while trying not to run from it, but face it with perseverance and understanding. Most people rise like a Phoenix once they overcome their mid-life crisis. We have multiple examples. Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs are some of the most iconic people who overcame their mid-life crisis.

So, what’s that we need to do to handle it effectively – I am still learning this as I write this article, I, in fact, don’t like what I have created or associated around me at this phase in life and it’s far different from my expectations of how it should have been at this age. Though external factors and other consequences are limiting us – The surroundings and environments are a by-product of continuous decisions made by me. And yes, I am introspecting a lot. blaming myself as well while fighting out the other ailments I have. It has been an intense acceptance of my inabilities as well as cursing the limitations that I had and have, while appreciating few decisions which gave growth, acceptance, and recognition. 

So, all I understand at this point of time is that this is an opportunity for me to raise as a Phoenix by undergoing a positive introspection of my entire life’s decisions. I also have some time to reflect on what’s good, what I should carry forward, what I should discard, what’s new to add and what I have to remove permanently.

What’s to be done?

I know this isn’t an easy phase, so leaving a note for myself to remember. I am not a guru in handling a mid-life crisis – it happens only once – either you end up correcting yourself or accept what’s already there and move on.

But I have realised, there are certain things to be taken care of during this phase:

1. Make no hasty decisions 

2. Talk to someone close, validate thoughts and get reassurance on the thought process

3. Touch base with reality, this will be a phase of extreme emotions, and it may or may not be linked with the true aspects of life. This makes it very important to validate our thoughts and connect with reality.

4. Be kind – You need it, this will usually be a phase where you are too hard and harsh on yourself. There are days where you will feel like an utter failure, there will be days where you discover an unpleasant truth, or you may also decide to change the course of your life. But remind yourself, failures are indeed the actual way to success.

Whatsoever it is, make sure your thoughts are validated and your family is with you, because at this phase, your actions will certainly have an impact on other individuals in your close circle including family. There may be thoughts that force you to question your existence as well, starting from a decision made decades back till the current achievements.

In any case, don’t confuse this with depression. Depression is continuous without breaks. It is a mental illness. And mid-life crisis is with gaps of introspection, sadness, and happiness as well.

Mid-Life Crisis is a phase of acceptance of both good and bad in our lives and to channelize what the future needs. It usually brings in a new individual within you if you handle it well. All you need is your family and hand full of friends!

I know these are taboo topics to be discussed. I still encourage and continue to be genuinely authentic everywhere just like I am when I am alone!

The projection of true self in every moment is the essence to have a contended and happier life.

CIAO – Time to explore some more aspects of myself that I seem to have ignored! I hope I rise as a Phoenix too!

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