Ideal State and the Gods!

My Dream World

Ideal State and the Gods!

Ever wondered what an ideal state of world can be for humans to excel, succeed and be truly joyful and happy? Have you ever imagined an ideal state. A serene place where everything is ideal and filled with joy and happiness; where everyone succeeds and no one fails. 

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I always imagine an ideal world where everyone:

  1. Supports each other
  2. Compliments each other 
  3. Shares everything that needs them to win together
  4. Shares happiness with strangers as well
  5. Where there is no poverty
  6. Where their is no jealousy
  7. Where their is no ego
  8. Where people celebrate each other 
  9. Where there is no importance for money
  10. Where there is no limits for successes
  11. Where people exchange the best possible things with one another
  12. Where people never entertain their egos
  13. Where people never show their anger on one another
  14. Where people care for strangers too 
  15. Where their is a boundless possible things to achieve together
  16. Where their is no selfishness
  17. Where their are people always waiting to be their for another 
  18. Where the innocence of the people is to the peak
  19. Where the serenity of humanity is also at the peak
  20. Where people encourage each other without expectations 
  21. Where people always say we will do it together 
  22. Where there no people blaming one another
  23. Where their are no diseases 
  24. Where no one gets harmed
  25. Where everyone are born equal
  26. Where everyone are gifted
  27. Where everyone is a god
  28. Where people collaborate with each other
  29. Where people create only wonders
  30. Where their is no war
  31. Where their is no shortage of food for anyone
  32. Where each one of us have everything in abundance 
  33. Where love is at the peak
  34. Where joyous events are at the peak 
  35. Where the achievements are also at the peak 
  36. Where everything is plain straight
  37. Where their are no hidden agendas 
  38. Where their is no weapons
  39. Where every scientific opportunity is used for the well being of humans
  40. Where the rush to do things is only to achieve awesome things for the betterment of humanity 
  41. Where the opportunities are abundant
  42. Where people together make wonders 
  43. Where their are no possible bad events or thoughts 
  44. Where the innocence of humanity is celebrated 
  45. Where there is no differentiations based on race, gender, caste, religion, colour, or whatever that brings a differentiation or imbalance 
  46. Where the inventions are only for the positive possibilities for everyone 
  47. Where everyone walks with their head held eye
  48. Where every human can be as open as he can
  49. Where there is nothing which is even vaguely connecting to negatives
  50. Where we can be genuinely ourselves for eternity without having to fake

Where the thoughts are always about being good, useful to each other, succeeding together, loving each other, creating abundance of opportunities for each other, walking, playing, enjoying, celebrating, living, eating, laughing and all that defines us in a good way we do it together!


We don’t need leaders, we need humans. We need people who can show their innocence, we need people who aren’t scared to make mistakes and learn from them, we need people who make us feel genuinely human, we need people who make us be ourselves in all possible ways, we need people who promote innocence, we need people who are calm, serene and with loads of emotional intelligence because it’s the emotions that makes us different from other living beings. We need people who entertain the openness, innocence, genuineness and all that which is positive to each other and nothing negative!


Our ancestors already imagined a world which is as described above called heaven and the people with above attributes as gods.

Our ancestors entertained us to be like gods, celebrating each good attributes of the humans. We have many festivals dedicated to the good attributes of humans and what an ideal human is expected to be.

Being a god doesn’t mean to do impossible or disappearing or fighting a demon or showcasing super natural powers.

Being god, ideally is to lead a life empowering others, ensuring our actions doesn’t harm or hurt others, spreading joy and happiness, celebrating others wins, helping where possible, showing empathy, understanding and respecting emotions, celebrating calmness and serenity! All we have to do is be genuine, innocent and have a pure heart and control the thoughts when they are negative!

This ain’t a difficult thing! We all can be gods! 

On a lighter note we can have the moon behind us!

We are born gods, we just forget we are gods and pick up all the bad vibes around without controlling the thoughts and being open to perspectives.

Imagine how open to all perspectives you were when you were a kid!

You believed everything you where thought as a toddler and you forgot the control you need to have on yourself to be a true god! You never had a negative thought process, you attempted everything you didn’t know, you attempted even if you failed, you believed everyone and every story that was told to you. You were already a god! A miracle!

An ideal state is still possible, we can build an heaven. We can certainly be gods! All we need to do is be innocent, open and know what to avoid and what to entertain!

My imaginations are sane, grounded, with loads of introspection on my own actions. I may not be perfect but yes I do refrain from hurting or harming others in any way. We all are, and that’s the best thing to do. Celebrate being you!

I am not preaching what’s good for you or the world!

This is just my ideal dream world where everyone is a god capable of making miracles! Celebrating the godly gifts that we have!

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