Am I Really Knowledgable?


Am I really knowledgeable? Ever asked this question for yourself? Ever wondered if your knowledge was below average or average or above average or you were acing every where and the master of all skills? Loads of Introspection right? Ever wondered what’s the definition of Knowledge? 

Let’s start with the actual definition of Knowledge, What is the definition as per you – Is it a particular skill or the social awareness or the confidence or etiquette? Do you have your own definition of Knowledge or Do you have an assumption of what knowledge can be or Is it that you are influenced by your surroundings on the definition of Knowledge.

Let me help you with the definition of Knowledge:

Knowledge can be broadly classified in to 3:

  1. Sum of what is known to you
  2. Information that is accessible
  3. Philosophy which includes justified beliefs and understanding – Don’t confuse this with Opinions 

Now, Let’s get back to the Question; How would you answer your own question of Am I Knowledgable? What factors do you see?

  1. You know many things which is thought to you
  2. You have maximum information available to you via the Internet
  3. You are able to comprehend, align and convert 1 and 2 to a justified belief, understanding and also convert this in to a philosophy over time 

Am I Knowledgeable?

The Question keeps popping up especially with introverts like me who shy away from people. Yes I am an introvert, Good and Active when I am virtual. You wouldn’t hear, feel or sense me near you if I am physically seated beside you. It’s like a creep siting right next to you without uttering a word and giving a grin when you see me. So jokes apart, back to the topic. Yes, I question myself a lot and introspect a lot. Knowledge is one area which is very vast. 

Everyone and anyone can say they are knowledgable, Yes It is actually True. Everyone are knowledgeable for sure as anyone can remember what’s thought to them, they have the same access as you have (I am referring to Google) and finally everyone can comprehend, align and convert to philosophy as well.

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