Measurement of Knowledge

How much is Suffice?

Measurement of Knowledge

So, Now it gets complicated.. what’s that which changes from one person to another, How is it we have multiple understandings and perceptions when everyone has these abilities? And how can we measure the degree of knowledge?

What differentiates the knowledge from one person to another person is the ability to Experience, envision or visualise and apply the knowledge for a particular activity.  

I can give a good example, I have been thought to make coffee, I have all information available on what, how and when the ingredients are supposed to be used and I comprehend this as well. However when I make the Coffee – The Taste differs to a greater extent from what my mom prepares. Normal scenario with everyone and can be applied for different examples. May be I will learn with time and get the same taste as my mom does or it may never be possible.


Now applying has various factors, There is a saying “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result will not lead us anywhere” So its the drive to try different options. The ability to try again and again in different ways until we know what works also gains us knowledge.


Most important factor is the Visualisation, The more capable of visualising the different permutations and combinations accurately the more easier it is to find the right approach to solve a problem.


Finally the experience adds as a cherry on the cake that since we have applied many times and also visualised many possibilities; we can consider ourself knowledgeable in one particular area which we have visualised and applied.

These 3 Factors are again coupled with the Exposure, Passion and Adaptability towards the activity being performed. 


If I have been exposed to making coffee from a very long time and if I have the taste for a Good Coffee – Outcome would be something which is really nice – May not be equivalent to what my mom makes though and yes it will never be as well.


This is one of the reason why people say follow your passion. When you follow your passion, you love it because there is no stress involved mostly because you know about the activity better and the topic is of your interest so you spend more time learning and playing with it rather than considering it as a burden. Thats the secret of many achievers we have.


However does that mean the individual will always be doing the same activity for his whole life, No! Everyone grows and moves to a different activity. So it may or may not be of interest as well. But still we thrive because we tend to adapt to situations. 

We as humans are very adaptable to situations, Just like Chameleons; we tend to change our colours based on our gain. Not being rude here, It’s the fact. We all as humans use everything for our advantage and yes we are adaptable. We did survive on eating bone marrows as well and we are thriving poaching wild animals as well. Our behaviour is dependent on what is being expected from a particular situation. Isn’t it. So the more adaptable we are the more we attempt to different scenarios and get success

So the Winning ingredients that make you stand out are:

  1. Applying
  2. Visualising
  3. Experience
  4. Exposure 
  5. Passion and 
  6. Adaptability

The more we sharpen these skills the more successful we will be and yes the measure of knowledge is dependent on how well you can perform an activity so its again limited to that activity. I mean to say a person can be knowledgeable in few domains or areas of work and life and not in all and everything.

Remember it’s an Ocean of Knowledge out there, Everyone, Anyone or Any Activity will add a little more to the Knowledge what we have.

We will never have suffice knowledge, we will always have something which is unknown and to be explored!

We also have a DIKW Pyramid, I would keep that for another discussion some time in future.

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