Industry 5.0 – The Gods in the Making!

The Path to Immortality!

Industry 5.0 – The Gods in the Making! 

Experts believe that we are at the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and must be ready to adapt the fifth industrial revolution in the blink of an eye. 

So, the first question is, “What is The Fifth Industrial Revolution/ Industry 5.0?”

Industry 5.0 is a new model of production based on the idea of interaction between machines and humans in any working environment. 

The key role here is played by IT. 

First world has seen IT bringing the industry from third to the fourth industrial revolution by the applications of IoT and smart softwares and now it must take the industry towards the fifth industrial revolution by making the interaction between the accurate and efficient machinery and the intellectual humans possible. 

The idea is to hire robots or machines to do the difficult, risky and the mundane tasks while the human can indulge in further innovation, building new business processes, concentrating on outer space research, controlling the robots and making the impossible happen with the advent of new generation of robots. 

There is a common misconception among different groups of people that the industry is heading towards the Human-free environment where humans would be replaced by the robots and machines.

But the objective behind these advancements is to create a collaboration between humans and the robots for smart production using IT techniques while less resources and time are being consumed. 

This Human-Robo pairing opens the doors to a huge world of opportunities for manufacturers as well as the end consumer by maximizing the benefits of Information Technology. 

What is predicted about the future of Industry 5.0?

Experts have predicted about what this Industry 5.0 is going to bring in the field and what is just supposed? Let’s have a look at the important predictions that you may see in near future.

What will the industry 5.0 bring for individuals?

That’s an interesting prediction about the industry 5.0. Just suppose – for the sake of argument – you are suffering from some disease like diabetes or high blood pressure. 

What if you can have a set of little IT devices attached with you that can collaborate with one another and whenever you feel that the blood pressure is rising, one of the devices detects it and communicate with the other device and then the second device injects you with a BP lowering medicine? 

It seems a bit complex but this is what predicted about the industry 5.0 model applied to individuals. This is the one example; you can count as many similar examples as possible the working model is same in all cases i.e. The Human-Robo co-operation. 

Also not to say this does open up a pandora box of research and realistic possibilities of the future inclusive of healthy, efficient, untiring humans who are immortal as well.

How industry 5.0 will convert the workers to Gods?

It is true that the most of the work will be done using robots and machines under the shadow of industry 5.0 model. 

But wait! Who will design, create and operate these robots? With no doubt, The Humans. So, you can say, “Industry 5.0 will make humans the Gods who design, create and control the robots and the machines will be their modern day peasants”

Where are we now?

We are still in midst of the industry 4.0 model and continuously heading towards the industry 5.0. The concepts like Elon Musk’s Neuralink makes it evident that the man kind is heading towards a revolutionary future of industry 5.0. This revolution will change the human status to God while changing the status of robots to the next generation humans. 

Just like said that the God designs, creates and controls the humans and other creations, the humans will become the designers, creators and controllers of the robotic generation. The Neuralink concept can play a key role here. 

In experiments conducted on a pig named Gertrude and a monkey named Pager by Elon Musk’s Neuralink company, they found that the Neuralink can tell about the actions that the object was going to do next and also control the activity to some extent in the real-time analysis. This is a great milestone towards the industry 5.0. 

If applied on the larger scale, the Neuralink can be used to see and control the functioning of robots or workers in real-time under the industry 5.0 model. Hence making the humans The Gods of next Robotic Generation. 


Mankind is entering a new phase of industrial revolution where humans will be involved in design and creation process and the robots will be obeying humans to manufacture certain products or services. This industrial revolution is commonly known as the industry 5.0.

LKN’s Musing’s:

May be Gods were Previous Versions of Homo Sapiens and the Robots will be the Next Generation of Homo Sapiens. The Extinction of Gods made us wander the earth eating bone marrows until we learnt to grab ourselves back on track! And all other species were as usual trial, errors and research specimens!

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