Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence Enabling Industry 4.0

AI concept refers to a computer system that can perform intelligent tasks by reasoning and decision making using the big sets of data. 

Artificial intelligence covers a large spectrum of technology. Most of the applications, search algorithms and tools use AI concept in one or another way. From taking a selfie to the automated cars, you can see Artificial intelligence as a close part of your every day life. 

In industry 4.0, the artificial intelligence is offering real value by providing needed data, problem solving ability and valuable algorithms.

One of the most amazing qualities of AI is that it enables smart robots and machines to learn from the data and information they gather from their everyday tasks in the factory and thus enhance their skills. This helps in making the factory smarter and more autonomous.

Some other benefits of AI in industry are:

  1. AI provides prediction about quality and yield
  2. Predictive maintenance by AI allows industries to avoid major risks before they happen in real.
  3. AI helps attain human-robot collaboration by providing smart machinery operated by human intellectual. 
  4. AI provides real time analysis of market demand and supply and help industries to scale their production according to market’s demand in a certain time. 
  5. AI systems are now being employed in customer service seats thus reducing the employee cost. 
  6. AI helps in business growth by providing much time to the owners to think and plan rather than worrying about the tasks that are being done autonomously by AI.  

How AI Works?

AI is actually a combined system of different technologies which enables software and hardware to sense, understand, make decision and learn autonomously. It also enables the machines to learn from human activities performed in the factory. 

Using AI systems, the machines or robots can perform such tasks that humans may not. For example, in a chemical industry, what if a robot handles dangerous chemicals instead of a human?

Where AI stands now?

IT is such a vast field that the doors to improvement and development are always open. Same is the case with Artificial Intelligence being used in industry.

Most of the AI based robots working in smart factories are not that smart yet. Their programs enable them to perform smart tasks but to a limited extent. If one wants to enable a certain robot work more, he must reprogram it. 

It means, currently most of the smart factories lack the AI systems that can make the robots autonomous i.e they learn and work on their own. 

Yet the technology is continuously increasing with the evolving industry 4.0 and the good thing is, it’s cost is also decreasing with the advancements in technologies. 

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