IoT (Internet of Things) Enabling Industry 4.0

IoT (Internet of Things) Enabling Industry 4.0

IoT concept can be defined as the system of interconnected machines or equipment that can autonomously communicate with one another and optimize the production process. 

IoT is also one of the most important emerging technology that is enabling industry 4.0 project. IoT makes it possible to address and access everything in the connecting network. All the objects in the network can communicate with any other object regardless of object’s function or application.

The best example to understand IoT as a consumer is Smart thermostats device. This device has multiple sensors in rooms connected with your phone and allow you to have control over temperature. You can also connect these sensors with algorithms to allow them automatically control temperature when you are away. Same is the task IoT performs in automating the industry. 

In Industry, IoT connects all the devices, machines and tools together by the sensors attached to them. These sensors provide data and after big data analytics translates this data, it is then headed to a human to make decision. 

This is how IoT makes a factory smarter and autonomous. Some other ways the IoT can improve industry’s performance are by providing:

  • Better operating performance
  • Risk Management 
  • Enhance worker experience
  • Improves and maintains asset’s health 
  • Provides logistics

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