Big Data Enabling Industry 4.0

Big Data Enabling Industry 4.0

Using advanced computer technologies on major data sets to uncover important patterns, trends and correlations for companies in decision making process is termed as big data or big data analytics. 

The main use of big data in industry is as a translator. But it is not an ordinary translator, it translates what no one else can do. The information that is produced by IoT and AI systems needs to be translated into an actionable format and here the big data comes in. 

It translates the collected data into actionable form and helps smart factories to improve performance as follows:

  1. Big data helps in analyzing data from production machinery sensors and tells when and where the maintenance will be needed in future. 
  2. Big data helps to find hidden issues that cause trouble in production and after finding the source of the issue, it allows manufacturers to use targeted data analysis to understand the real cause of trouble. 
  3. It is estimated that big data causes 25 percent reduction in breakdowns and downtime. It has been proven to be crucial in supply chain management, fault prediction and solution, and smart factories.

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