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Story of a Wannabe Entrepreneur!

A not so average kid was realising about the reality of life spending ages together in his family owned shop. He was fantasised by the company names printed on Calendars back in 1992/1993, he spent all these 2 years imagining his own chain of companies under his dads name and rewriting upon the printed calendars as “<Dad’s Last Name> Group of Companies”.

His sister was encouraging him to maintain a secret dairy back then to write his daily routine. In 1994 he started jotting out his business plans for the chain of companies he wants to start in his secret dairy instead of the routine. Somewhere in mid 1994 he realised all this plans need money to start and there came a flash light on the first profit making institution he was well versed with – “The School” he envisioned how a well established school can fund all his dreams. He went on to jot down every minute thing of how he can start, establish, make the school a profitable entity – Starting from CCTV’s to the Computers to heighten the interests of the parents and kids on the school. He didn’t stop here, he also went on to envision how he will divert the funds to start the chain of companies along with researching on how illegal it is to divert the funds, what are the loopholes and how to sustain. He had the draft ready to move on with starting the chain of companies as well.

This was his secret dairy hidden in his granny’s house beside his uncles cot; a small shelf where not so important things were kept.

There was an entrepreneur growing in him. 

Unfortunately the book went missing, his parents started loosing trust on him because he had started to realise the education system was a mess and was just an eye wash to push people to peasant labour of 9-5 without any creativity. His parents completely lost the trust and confidence in him as his marksheets weren’t so exciting for them and aptly reflected his perspectives on education system.

In 1997, he decided he had to first change the people around him at school as they weren’t matching his mindset. Instead of parents luring him it was his turn to lure the parents – Better results – Much better school with good crowd. He succeeded in getting the First Class Marks however his parents failed to keep up the promise. The kid ended up struck with the same shit headed crowd.

Little did the Kid know if his parents failed to keep up the promise it will hinder his progress! Kid started picking up the bad habits from the shit headed crowd, days passed by though he was getting the fancy marksheets his parents badly wanted, as his bad habits increased.

1999, Golden year for the kid to be out of school and move on to college, New Crowd, New Excitements, The Bad Habits – He did want a change. However got struck with more weird crowd this time in another bad educational institution. Within a year he was famous for all the bad things in the first year of college. With not this being suffice he remembered the suggestion of his sister on jotting down the routine this time to be spied upon by the same sister resulting in weird face offs in front of his parents.

The Secret Dairy reappeared in his Uncles hands in 2002 trying to accomplish the plan in the book without the passion that one needs to have. It’s all together another story on how the plans failed in front of this kid due to lack of passion, quality, dedication needed to accomplish the plan. He did shed a lot of tears in closed doors at the foolishness of his uncle.

As days passed the bad days increased, parents lost their confidence in the kid and even he lost his own confidence that he had back in 1992/1993!

The To-Be-Entrepreneur ended up being a college drop out hippie styled dude working in call centres, getting married and struggling to meet the ends and not to say – his own idea of making profit out of schools back fired when he had to shell out in lakhs for his child’s education!

What I learnt from this kid’s life:

  1. Never be so self destructive irrespective of how others treat you – This led to major blunders in this kids life
  2. Always stand up for what you believe in, people will however gather back once you succeed even if it’s for their selfish aspects
  3. Try to be self dependent always
  4. Never ignore what your kid is stating and what they are up to 
  5. As a parent, always believe in them. Have confidence in your kids
  6. Listen to your kids, if they aren’t comfortable they show tiny or minute signs even if you aren’t willing to listen. Pick those signs while forcing your decisions on them – Respond! Don’t React!
  7. As a parent and a family member you have their is a major impact of your decisions on your kids acknowledge them 
  8. Help your kids make decisions don’t do it on their behalf or force yours on them 
  9. Listen to even the tiniest cribbings of your kids. Understand the reasons behind them
  10. Cherish their childhood, make them feel loved. Ego or whatever avoid it – Just say and make them realise “You Love Them and Will be there in their worse days”

In this story, 

If the Parents had listened, understood, and acknowledged the kids thought process – Irrespective of what they would have found out in the book or not – He would have ended up as a successful entrepreneur. 

If his uncle who stole the book had brought the concepts in front of his parents, again this guy would have ended up as an entrepreneur, provided they supported him as a family.

If the parents were receptive to his requests and were emotional connected; they would have realised where he was headed too. Although in this case parents had realised where he was headed but they lacked the right responses and were only reacting for the situation 

I don’t want to divulge the name of this kid, but he certainly is successful now employed in an organisation. Does take care of his family. He is lovely, very emotional, caring, down to earth, displays a lot of gratitude! And yes still surrounded by people who have little faith on him!

Unfortunately has schizophrenia because of the childhood trauma he went through.

You may debate on he picked up bad habits, he picked up bad things! Remember our environment and the crowd around us has the maximum influence on what we become in future. 

Kids when presented with the good environment and crowd to cherish they grow up to become enormously successful and responsible. 

The kids growth is directly proportional to the environment and crowd around them.

Stop only seeking responsible kids, Be responsible and accountable parents too! That you can be only when you connect with them emotionally and not by spying on them. You need to open up the free communication channel for that to happen!

There is never a good parent and a bad parent, it’s all about how critical we are to the kids experiences and how we reciprocate to make things better, useful and contributing to their growth.

Note: I, Myself is still a budding parent. Just wanted to jot down my thought process to keep remainders for future reference as I listened to the Wannabe Entrepreneurs Story and the Grief behind the failure!

If you still think this kid was average when he knew that schools are money making institutions back in 1992, I don’t know what to say. He did have a point there as fast forward 2021 – Average Yearly Fee for a School is between 1.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs and not to mention the donations!

Have faith and Confidence in Your Kids! They need it!

CIAO, Happy Parenting!

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