Lame Talks on Industry 5.0 by LKN

I will be covering certain aspects of my professional experience, the differences that values can make in our lives and also for the bigger good of the humanity. I am also researching for my second book which is in progress on the industrial revolution so I will be covering couple of aspects of my findings.

To Start with I will be talking about:

  1. A Short Story from my past with a learning
  2. The Current Leadership Aspects
  3. Couple of Wrong Innovations and 
  4. The Conclusions of the Thought Process I am having

A Decade back I was working part of a IT Service Desk or More of an Helpdesk. As days passed I had more time in hand which I used dedicate to share motivational posts on Facebook the number of posts increased as the Job I had at hand become a Childs play, I know all the resolutions and my AHT wasn’t more then 4 minutes. Now I was most luckiest as I was indirectly reporting to Ex-US Army Veterans who had transitioned to IT Roles; They observed my activities, One Day one of the leaders pulled me on a call and was trying his best to communicate in the language I understood – He stated “Just because you can do, doesn’t mean you have too”

There is a lot of meaning in it, I might have understood at that time or I might not, Pretty much don’t remember however I did transition from that mindset to doing something more productive as I grew.

It has a lot of content in that one statement and I would conclude at the end on the reason to bring this topic in this podcast.

The Current Leadership aspects

You call me old school or whatever, My Upbringing has always have had a bigger picture created for the term leadership. I get to imagine the most ideal leadership that can be when I think about the aspects of the Leader – The Virtue of leading is more complicated, self sacrificing and fighting for the bigger good of the humanity is what I imagine. I so want to see a leader whom we can imagine to be “PERFECT” in all senses. Back to the real world from my fantasies.

What has happened to the Current Leadership, I mean the Money, Greed, Power and Favours seems to have corrupted the human mind, so much so that they have become the only drivers of Business. I agree Money is an aspect we all need however there is a Bigger Good expected from the Leaders driving it. I am referring to all those leaders who are in the decision making space I mean the real question is “Are they really keeping the Humans and Humanity at the Top of their Priorities?” We can go on and on – There are loads of books written and loads of quotes materials and podcasts being circulated with little or no use – I will conclude at the end on the reason to bring leadership as a subject on this podcast 

Innovations – Whoa, We have been doing quite a lot of innovations right, I mean isn’t the Corona Virus an apt example of an innovation? This is exactly I start Questioning the Leadership who makes decisions be it political or at the corporate – The Leaders have a heightened responsibility on what they approve and support along with the funding part. Have we gone nuts? Is the Greed for Power, Money, and the others contaminated our minds – Where is the bigger good for humanity here? Also While researching for my Second Book on Industrial Revolution – The Dusk where I man covering about Industry 5.0 I stumbled upon a research paper where AI Reproduction has been successfully attempted! I mean are we nuts? We all know AI is powerful and better than Humans and Even Elon Musk has admitted it in several talks on AI on how powerful AI is, How it can impact the Humans – He did quote that the Entire World Population can be fit in One Floor in New York – That’s how tiny we are and an attempt by AI to terminate us or even a natural event isn’t of a greater event as we are a minute part of the nature. 

These type of irresponsible innovations can increase as we proceed. This is were I would like to use the Earlier Quote – “Just because we can do, doesn’t mean we have to”

So now Why Bring the Leadership and Innovations as a part of this Podcast? Because The Leadership that we will have will direct these innovations and what we innovate will frame the future.

I would like to give a Glimpse of what my thought process is for the Second Book: “The Odyssey of Industrial Revolution – The Dusk” This book will be covering several traits of Industry 5.0 that would make to break it – and the Most Important aspects of Industry 5.0 are the Leadership and the Innovations that we make. Do note that the direction of innovation is completely dependent on the Leadership along with the direction what we get from them – Few Wrong Leaders is suffice to make things worse for an entire generation of humans!

I kind of like Elon not because he is richest, may be I am able to get exposure to his thought process because he is rich and famous that might be a different story altogether but – He does have valid points and its time we do something that really matters to humanity or at least not attempt those things which has a negative impact on humanity!

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