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How to Excel in Life!

I am not a professional writer, however I try my best to tell stories and write blogs based on my experiences, exposures, thought processes along with the guidance received from my parents, mentors, people with whom I interact and also few glimpses from the books I read. The Majority of the influence I have had is from the upbringing from my parents especially my MOM.

My Upbringing

Here is a condensed story of my life, which is still in progress and in this blog I want to share the influence of Robin Sharma’s books as I grew up to where I am today. I grew up in a middle class family which typically counts every penny spent and at the end of the month mostly out of cash. My parents built a good life for all three of us with whatever they earned and most importantly tried their best to incorporate the concept of Ethical Living in our lives. My elder brother went on to become a Professor in Physiology (We lost him in 2019), My Elder Sister is an Architect and I was the last kid as usual the most pampered and most notorious of the three. As I finished my education (I did have loads of breaks in studies though I was good at studies, mostly because of the lack of seriousness and also partly because of less confidence in the education system along with the typical need to become overnight success; also the influence of seeing my brother and sister struggle in their initial days of career even after excelling at studies). I did have a urge for over night success and yes it was me who had a business case of how to make school a profit making entity and also a draft of diverting the funds to become an entrepreneur back in 1995-96 (I was in 7th Grade). I did get the exposure back then to computers as my uncle had a small firm called “Indian Institute of Computer Science” which for a short stint competed with Infosys and went into losses and closed. However as a Kid I had loads of time to spend on these computers to play, to assemble, to troubleshoot all these back then in 1995-96. Although I did have a passion for computers, I didn’t get the right guidance back then, I did complete by Diploma in Computer Science from Engineering, Received a CET Merit for B.E in Computer Science and the dropped out, Later in my career I did complete my B.C.A in Distance. Although I had felt a disconnect seeing how my siblings were struggling even with good education out of there college life and the Ethical Living which my parents advocate I stepped into my professional career

The Unethical Trials

My Life from 2005 till 2007 was filled with unethical trials which all started with a innocent entry to the professional world, the passion to become a overnight success and a entrepreneur. I joined a Call Centre almost till mid 2006 with the Computer Knowledge I had to meet a complete different world out there which was driven by revenue and not by the emotions parallel to this I was working on my own G-Ray Enterprises – My First Failed Entrepreneurship. The Trust wasn’t even a factor in the industry back then. Being pampered to the fullest along with an attempt to escape the worldly concepts had made me imagine the world to be too fair then it actually is; which led me to go in pursuit of good people in the initial stages of my career kind of seeking emotionally supportive professional environments. Let’s be frank this wasn’t even a trait of any firms in India back in 2005/2006 in India. It was a hardcore Revenue Driven Environment everywhere. This led me to a phase where I gave up the task and was involved in unethical behaviour for most of 2006 to 2007 where I did help couple of major recruitment firms build their strong base in Bangalore, everything went well until these firms behaved in the same way – Unethically with me. And for all reasons of being unethical I had also invited a lot of unethical professionals and friends around which led to my fall.

Introduction to the Books again

During the late 2007, I met the lady of my life and fell in love although I had a lot of flings before but this one was different especially because it started during my bad days and she stood beside me guiding me and enlightening me.

We had a Reliance Book Store near Cunningham Road, Bangalore and this lady had a flair for good books, she always wanted to visit this store. As Days Passed even I cultivated the habit of reading that’s when I got my Hands on Robin Sharma’s The Monk who sold his Ferrari. I could relate it to my upbringing, roots and then it promised the growth as I turned the pages.

Books that changes the perspectives!

Initiation of Ethical Behaviours

As I restarted my career in Oct 2007 along with the help of my lady and the initial books from Robin Sharma few being:

  1. The Monk who sold his Ferrari
  2. The Greatness Guide
  3. The Leader who had no title
  4. Family Wisdom
  5. Who will cry when you die
  6. The Mastery Manual 

All these by 2014, It did have a lot of change in my work, as a person but there was no increase in my remuneration or a noticeable professional growth.

The Blame Games 

In 2014, I was forced to take a Mental Health Break, Off from work completely. This is when I was diagnosed for depression and was questioning everything I had done till then. This was a point where I actually started blaming Robin Sharma for my state. The Ethical behaviour what he advocated seemed perfectly fine if everyone follows it however the backlash was on the concept when very few follow it, They get stepped on in the growth curve. This did look as a valid point for my debate that Robin Sharma was wrong. Still I didn’t wanted to go back to unethical ways and I did proceed further with the help of my lady in recovering from depression and restarting the career.

As days continued, I didn’t stop reading Robin Sharma’s books and I continued with:

7. Daily Inspiration

8. Discover your destiny

9. Leadership wisdom

The Realisations

What I realised over period of time of reading his books is – He is not promising you a professional growth but a growth which is holistic.

Today I might be earning less to what unethical activities might have, but following his preachings, I am happy, satisfied, give my best at work, have awesome people around me, have a happy family with proud parents, wife and son.

As I read more I totally understand that what Robin Sharma is offering you is a Holistic Growth not only a professional life. An Holistic Authentic Growth in Life for sure!

I am currently reading:

10. Everyday Hero

11. The Little Black book of stunning success

He does motivate us a lot. With this, I also suggest you to read the Book: “Heroine Dairies” by “Nikki Sixx” and then listen to his song “Life is Beautiful” by “Sixx A.M” – You would understand the context of the Lyrics in the Song after reading the book.

The 5 AM Club is not for me at this time as I still work late nights.

Thanks to all that you do, Robin Sharma.

“We all have our ups and downs, the perservance of ethical and ideal behaviour makes you a permanent rockstar”

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