One Year Anniversary –

Immense Gratitude for the Love, Support and the Motivation shown towards our Blog.

We would like to share our happiness on the wide acceptance received for the thought process shared in the blogs and your Love, Support and Motivation has made us reach 30 Countries across the Globe and this was possible only because of you all.

We have only written 54 Articles in a Year and this being the 55th One and the Love, Support and Motivation has made us reach 30 Countries with 100 Followers and 250 Likes till now.

Lokesh Kumar Narayana is immensely happy for the Success of the Blogs and Does Thank each one of you for making this happen.

I am taking this a bit slow as the blog is non revenue generating (we would try to keep it the same as much as possible) and doesn’t have contributors other than LKN at this point of time.

We would also like to announce that if you are willing to contribute to the Blog, You can reach out to us. We need people who can have discussions, refine the thought process with LKN and convert them to Blogs – Currently this will not be a Paid GIG as the website itself is not intended to generate revenue.

LKN has few more view points to share especially on the IR V or the Industrial Revolution V gradually as we move forward. IR V will conceptualise close to a decade from now into reality so we have time and we are in no hurry.

A Quick Snapshot of our Success is as below:

A Wonderful Year of Sharing Perspectives – LKN

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