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Some Tips to be the Rock Star at an Old Age – We can get lucky at 99 too if we are Tech Savvy and Gadget Freaks!!! ☺️

Work on your Mojo!

How is AI Linked to “IR V”

Here comes LokeshLKN / Loki / Lokesh / Lokesh Kumar Narayana back with another blog. Introduction As the technology is advancing and the world is becoming more digitalized, there is an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the near future, AI is expected to be the core of the next industrial revolution and facilitate …

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Value Systems I gave a session in Pune last Month for the New College Graduates and I was excited about the questions that popped in by one of the NCG’s. I am totally proud to have addressed this group. The Questions were primarily on the imbalances and the evils that people do even after knowing …

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One Year with LKN!

One Year Anniversary – www.LokeshLKN.com

Immense Gratitude for the Love, Support and the Motivation shown towards our Blog. We would like to share our happiness on the wide acceptance received for the thought process shared in the blogs and your Love, Support and Motivation has made us reach 30 Countries across the Globe and this was possible only because of …

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The Much Needed Change!

How to Enable High Velocity IT

Agility, High Velocity IT and LKN’s Maturity Model (A Free Give Away) High Velocity IT! We have been seeing a lot of hype and talks and less action on High Velocity IT in ITIL4. There are so many talks about Digital Transformations, Automation and Fast Phased Delivery but are we on track with out actions? …

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Office Politics

A Old Normal We all have been subject to Office Politics in a way or the other; may be impacted negatively by it or subjected to immense growth from it. All though it has been there for a long now and is something which we can’t get ride off for a long time now. It …

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Anger, Disappointment, Dissatisfactions, Helplessness and the Jealousy – A Psychological Musing by LKN

When we look deeply at anger, disappointment, helplessness or even jealousy; the problem isn’t someone else! It’s we ourselves! The point is all this happens only because of our shortcomings or over expectations! The limitations and the disappointments or the dissatisfactions arise because of not achieving the desired results or the desired outcomes and these …

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